Consciousness vs Awareness Q&A

The following is a ‘Q & A’ on the distinction between consciousness and awareness between the writer and a questioner on facebook.

Q: How do Morals, Ethics, Virtues, Compassion play into awareness? Can you be aware and still be cruel, selfish, demeaning, etc. Does Awareness make one imperturbable? Or is one still subject to reacting with anger or fear to external stimuli?

A: Only consciousness acts and reacts. Awareness is Still.

Q: And the point of being still is? So awareness and consciousness are 2 unrelated separate things. Is this a true dualism? So can one experience Awareness and still behave from lower Egoic Consciousness anyway?

A: Awareness Is the innate aspect of the Son of God, sourced by God; it comes with being created by God. Spirit is Aware. Projection away from the Stillness of God’s Creation/Self/Spirit and the experience of activity is within the domain of consciousness. There can only be a point to being still or not to consciousness i.e duality is an aspect of consciousness, not awareness.

It could be said that the framework for consciousness is duality. Awareness Is all of its own accord, eternally sourced by God’s Love. “Be still and Know God” Jesus said. To know God is to Know Love as One’s Essence. Consciousness acts and reacts via entertaining thoughts of being separate from Self and thus lacking love – aka ego identification. Lower ego consciousness is identification with fear that seemingly blocks out the innate awareness of God’s Love. It only seems to block it out – it cannot affect the fact that it is.

Corrected perception aka acceptance of Atonement brings about a transformation wherein one stops listening to the voice for ego and thus has no desire to act on it. True, lasting happiness comes from identification with Awareness Itself. Awareness has no effect on experience because only consciousness can experience something different than knowing God’s Love as Self. The greater the identification with Self-Awareness, the more benign to all of life one becomes.

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