One is always Home

There is no such thing as cause and effect,” Dr David R Hawkins.

There is no such thing as cause and effect in the material world because everything happens first in mind. Mind is the cause, and the material world is the effect.

What is held in mind outside of the Kingdom of Heaven where Spirit naturally resides manifests as part of universal form. Bodies are made to “contain” perceived limitations on Self’s power; they are sculpted by the concept of lack. When lack is held in mind, consciousness manifests as limitation/coming up against seeming boundary aka event horizon. The belief in lack is an illusion that only the voice for ego, which believes in suffering and death as if they are realities, can describe, and “prove” accordingly by association with concordant form. Spirit or the Son of God has no needs, does not suffer, and exists of its own accord Sourced by the eternal extension of Love. The free-to-wander mind of the Son, entertaining the concept of “what if things were different” sees itself as split from Source and makes things out of material in order to act out/prove ideas of why that might be. The illusions of the split mind cannot impact other illusions, though, and thus there is no such thing as cause and effect in the material realm. All “cause” occurs at the level of mind, and “effect” is the material realm.

The time of death is karmically set at birth.” (Dr David R Hawkins) The belief in being subject to “a child’s body sitting in a little red wagon” ends before it even begins. The end of the “effect” of the idea of death is built in.

Death is but the end of a story one is born to tell by listening to the voice of ego and its concepts of lack . This story ends when it is obvious that what the ego has to say is not what one actually wants. One wants not the suffering and death of trying to manipulate form from “the outside in”, one wants life at its Source. Typically this change in mind occurs when the limitations of protoplasm become too burdensome for mind to maintain. This happens to every body. Death is the chronic condition that manifests from the belief that it is possible to live outside of the Kingdom of God where all is Provided. Ideas of lack can never last; one is always Home.



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