Look past heroes and villains

The Holy Spirit looks past heroes and villains alike to the Truth: “good” is no different than “bad” when it comes to illusion. The hero is just as seemingly entangled in the material as the villain.

Under the desire to help other bodies is the ego trying to stay sovereign, just like it is the ego trying to stay sovereign under the desire to hurt other bodies. By looking at the Son of God and seeing Him only as a body needing help and/or lacking in the ability to be helpful, there is the prolonging of the agony of the belief in separation for all involved. Ego looks to ego for witness to falsehood, and the Holy Spirit looks past falsehood to Self, or Truth. The body cannot possibly stop its mortality, but the Mind, joined with Its Self, can be its own Savior.

The body cannot actually do anything lasting; it cannot offer any kind of permanent help, nor can it offer any kind of permanent hurt. To the ego, “today’s hero is always tomorrow’s villain”. The voice of ego will always go back and forth between hero and villain, making its listener out to be helping the world one day, hurting it the next.

The voice of ego is incorrect. The Son of God is Wholly Guiltless As He Is. Even in the mode of goodness, it is the belief in guilt that keeps him feeling separated and like a son of man, witness not to the eternal nature of spirit but to the limitations of the body. The mode of goodness is perhaps easier to function within in the material realm vs the modes of passion and ignorance, but it is no less entrapping than any of the other material modes. To act as a preacher does not lead to enlightenment, if one is acting for ego.

Everything solidified by listening to the voice of ego, no matter what material mode is operational, serves by way of identification with it to but block out the stillness and silence of the ever Present Truth. Like the Holy Spirit, look past all outer activity. Look beyond heroes and villains alike.

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