Releasing self-judgment

“Judgement is Mine” sayeth the Lord. But did I know that God’s only judgment is Pure Love? I didn’t, for the longest time; I misinterpreted it, as so many do, and thought this saying from the Christian bible meant I could be judged by God in both a positive and a negative light. This is in fact impossible because God is Love – Love is His only judgment. All else comes from ego.

Self-judgment accurately describes the struggle in this lifetime so to speak – it is the source of all mental illness and the block to realizing Oneness in quality with God. From a young age, clearly coming with me as part of the karmic track this ego ran on, I judged myself as unworthy of love.

Here is a clip of me talking with Dr David R Hawkins MD PhD during satsang in Sept 2009 that speaks to the struggle with releasing self-judgment, which to me represented the very core of ego


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