Salvation or Enlightenment?

This is a question for spiritual students (it doesn’t matter the kind of spirituality). What are your goals, ultimately – salvation, or enlightenment?

There is a thought provoking caveat in the beginning of Dr David R Hawkins’ book The Eye of the I that reads:

“The traditional religionist or the spiritually timid is forewarned that the material herein presented may be disturbing and is therefore better bypassed. The teachings are presented for the seriously committed spiritual student who is seeking God as Enlightenment. The pathway to to Enlightenment via radical truth is demanding and requires surrender of belief systems. Only then does the ultimate reality reveal itself as the sought after “I” of the Supreme…”

Enlightenment is not for the feint of heart. Only about one in a million would chose to voluntarily give up belief systems for the Supreme.

Salvation is the option for the spiritual student who is wary of giving up all belief systems. One says, “But what about my kids if I reach enlightenment? What about my job? What about my xyz or my abc? There are belief systems I still need to cling to.” When that is the case, one can believe in salvation, and reach the state of unconditional love, where it’s much more comfortable to “pursue enlightenment”.


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