Quiets Me

I can barely keep my eyes open at times; beauty overwhelms me.

I keep a slight distance from Your Glories in order to stay present in the body. The bliss can take me off the planet, away from my roles, unless I resist. I ask my Father for a little more time; I have more work to do I say – there is ecstasy to surrender.

I kneel at Your feet and I am the rivers and the streams and the oceans as my tears flow into You. I stand upright with the sun at my side and need only to turn my head ever so slightly to see that I am walking with You. I lay down in the dirt and the grass and I become rooted in You.  I give myself to You fully – my eyes, my ears, my mind – my heart, the very idea of my soul.

I close my eyes. Swirls of the beautiful dream leave the corners of my being; I am left breathless, and Breathing. Your silent blessing Quiets me.

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