Appearance and Disappearance of the Material Contextualized

The material is only present for as long as is desired. Once the material resources of the day are exhausted, the material universe goes back into it’s Source, or the Unmanifest, at night. In linear terms, this happens to sentient life daily, and in nonlinear terms, it is a change that routinely happens over the eons. These dualities in nature are controlled and sourced by nonlinear Self.

View space, where there are black holes where universes reside. This is a Mind’s eye’s representation of the nonlinear comings and goings of the material.

The universal comings and goings are almost like a kind of cancer in the body of God that appears, and then goes into remission, over and over. The universe is a cellular life form that operates as part of God via energy source, but separate from God in that its functioning is flawed by the denial of its reliance on that energy source. It is flawed because it does not consciously operate with its higher purpose in mind (ie enjoyment originating from the original life in the spiritual sky), rather, it is holding personal reproduction and acquisition of matter in mind. Identification with the material universe, like the cancer cell, is essentially a representation of having forgotten one’s true identity and function. Through God’s infinite mercy/energy though, the inherent dysfunction of the universe, like the cancer tumor, is healed by its very dissolution. It is put into remission when the living entities sleep in the arms of their Maker.

Where does the cancer itself go when it is destroyed by it’s maker? Where does sentient life, or the inhabitants of the material realm go, when the universe is dissolved back into the Unmanifest? They are simply directed to go to sleep. They are dissolved in Mind. The suffering of too much wakeful enjoyment is Relieved by a deep state of Oblivion.

Cancer cannot be cured, only temporarily relieved, because cancer, like the universe is the consequence of lifestyle. Does one want to live in the spiritual sky and be with one’s Creator enjoying peace and happiness for eternity, or does one resist that in the name of ongoing personal identification with the cycle of reproduction and dissolution of the material? Free will is always an option.

Just as cancer, when disappeared from the body goes into remission (and disappears not only from the body but the mind), the universe goes into the Godhead, and the living entities sleep.

And then, depending on the choice of the living entity, resistance can be embraced again if so desired. Just like there will always be the potential for the cancer in a body to return, there will always be the Potential for a new material universe.

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