Q & A with Darcie French on the source of ugly thoughts

Q: If our mind is actually God’s mind, why do we think in ungodly terms? Walter Russell said we could not lift our pinky finger without God in us, so how come we have ugly thoughts?

A: Ugly thoughts are “miscreant thoughts” that create unwanted effects. Only the simultaneous extension/retraction of Love creates anything that can inspire man to think with God. Projecting miscreant thoughts manifests the temporary effect of a seeming stop frame on Love’s extension that provides their example of not-love by the retraction of them back to the origin of their projection. Ugly thoughts are known to the projector of them only.

Anger, fear, anxiety etc are man-u-factured by the belief in death superimposed on creation — they do not exist in the Mind of God (which includes the Supreme Being of Man) that knows only the Qualities-in-One of perfect eternal interchange between the appearance of life and the disappearance of death.

Instead of fearing for my outer expression of life while escaping the house fire, I surrendered wholly to Life interchanging in God. When the Still Small Voice said, “You don’t have to be here for this” – I wholly agreed without hesitation. God was the One Who moved the body while I was at rest in unity with Him — God was the One Who took the dogs and the child from the burning house and got them to safety. I was completely unaware of the body’s movements while at rest in the Love Begetting of the absolute state. The state gave me an example of what to simulate in order to manifest Love. Whenever I simulate anything different by projecting emotions that do not exist in that state, the unwanted effects are immediately noted.

The God-Mind Knows only the ecstasy of perfect, balanced interchanging Love in both formless Knowledge and embodiment formed in the image of this Interchange; as does the Supreme Being of Man that is God’s Idea embodied by His image.

Everyone ascends from the ugliness of the destructive thoughts of mis-creation, to Knowing the Beauty of creating with Love.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018

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