The Quality and quantities of One interchange

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The State in the fire was of pure Love, interchanging in pure Love. It was a dynamic interchange; this Love was very much alive. It was the quality of the very conception and completion of my life, interchanging in one eternal pulse beat.

I didn’t have many words to describe this State of ecstatic Love until I discovered the works of Walter Russell, who scientically explains how quality is quantified. There are links from this blog to the Russell cosmogeny.

The quality of interchanging Love is all that God knows of life and death, and is all the Supreme Being of Man knows of His Self as created by God. The ecstasy of perfect, balanced interchange between rest and activity is all that God’s creatures are intended by the Creator to comprehend of life and death.

Qualitatively, the interchange between appearance and disappearance is one of absolute desire being absolutely fulfilled, continuously without deviation.

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