Q & A with Darcie French on the call to Be Love

Q: From your book: “The drama in God’s cosmic play is meant to inspire one to manifest God Himself in His theater of Love; it is meant to inspire one to seek God, to Know God, and Knowing God, to Be God. To find God is to Know that God is Love. To be God is to Be Love. The senses assist one with avoiding the breaking of the Law of Love. Breaking of this law is only ever a call to Be Love.”

I’m having a hard time accepting that millions of years of evolutionary suffering is the norm for mankind to get to the above place. What parent would purposefully put their child through such agony? How can we have done this to ourselves when everything about us originated from the Idea?

A: Man is ever being called by Love to transcend the unwanted drama in the play by Being Love. The Still Small Voice that petitions for Love is forever present. One need only listen and act accordingly.

Jesus provided the ultimate example of always responding with Love. “Forgive them, for they know not what they do”, he said of his attackers. He loved even his attackers, and all he Knew on the cross was the ecstasy of union in Love.

“Even for this, Father, you have NOT forsaken me” were determined, via consciousness research by Dr David R Hawkins, to be his actual last words on the cross. The world watching heard what they perceived from their own perceptual frames of reference vs the nonlinear truth. When man is Love, all he Knows is Love.

Agony in Nature is superimposed on “the Garden of Eden” by the idea of death in man. In every situation where man uses Power (Love) vs force (projection of fear, anger etc) he learns more of his Divine Purpose that he is being called to learn. In every situation where Power is ignored and force is projected, man is given the unwanted experience of getting back what he put out. All unwanted experience is, in essence, the opportunity to choose (Love) again.

Man is learning to think with God vs project the idea of death onto a deathless creation, and thereby manifest his own Love Life, vs the idea of a love that can die. The projection of the idea of death takes many forms that the ego tries to keep for the body — forms that, along with the ego, all dissolve in the never-was-separated of the absolute state of formless union.

After the state in the fire, it took years to begin to apply the Knowledge that was revealed in the state. I am nothing like Jesus who who came into the world Knowing of Oneness. I chose “incorrectly” many times before I learned I must consistently Be Love in order to manifest Love. As recently as last fall, I “fell” via the projection of anger, and I immediately manifested the unwanted. Love, as always, allowed me to choose again.

Free will was granted so Love can be chosen voluntarily. By the choice to heed the call of Love, does one make Love one’s own.

Copyright@Darcie French


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