Q & A with Darcie French on the origin and mechanics of the ego

Q: If the separation episode was brought on by ego, what are the mechanics of the beginning of ego? Ego has to be a part of the Idea since all originated from God?

A: The Cosmic Play is all about transcending reality given to the senses and thus the ego’s thought system in order to Know and Be God, and thereby create an ecstatic objective beingness based on subjective Know-how.

The ego came with the ability to sense and its role is important; it has been part and parcel of the expression of Life since time immemorial as the objective desire to get what seems needed for the expression’s ongoing transformation. For example, food is perceived as being needed to transform hunger into satiety and because of answering his hunger, man has learned how to make fire. Shelter from the elements is perceived as being necessary for the body’s survival and the ego has learned over the eons to be quite the architect. Dr David R Hawkins used to say, “give ego credit, for without it, you wouldn’t be where you are today”. Without the ego sensing lack, one could not have developed the capacity to transform by getting what is needed for transformation. The ego is often vilified, when it’s link to the desire for transformation does play a necessary part in the Cosmic Play.

Yet the ego cannot Know the subjectivity of nonlinear unity; it is purely objective, based on what the senses convey. Transcending the ego is also a necessary part in the Play.

This is not an objective universe. It is cyclic. Objectivity is but one stage of a cycle which is forever moving through many stages between the appearance and disappearance of what the senses interpret as objective.” (Walter Russell)

Transcending the ego happens gradually to all of mankind. Salvation is the forgiveness of the lower ego’s objective to take Love to satisfy the senses at all costs by the higher, or the “spiritual” ego that is willing to share for the benefit of the whole of creation. The terms “lower mind” and “higher mind” are often used to describe what are actually the jungle ego of homo barbarian and the evolved spiritual ego of modern man on the way to becoming ego-transcended Cosmic Man. Cosmic Man wholly knows of His unity with Source and comprehends that unity as Self-existent throughout all of creation. The objective unreality his senses convey no longer deceives him.

There is only One Mind that seems to be divided by the sensual objectivity of seemingly separate parts. This division is only seeming during the stage of the cycle of creation that is objective, and only if reality is given to the information provided by the senses. In reality, the body of creation is constantly transforming as it cycles between appearance and disappearance — the ego’s objectivity is temporary on all levels — it constantly becomes out-dated as creation transforms.

Sudden enlightenment is total ego death at once. Enlightenment is total rest of the sensing of objectivity in the Stillness of Reality: all objectivity of outer change is withdrawn into one subjective interchange. The ego, being lead by the senses, cannot follow the Son of God Home to the absolute state of union in the Father that is not objective perception of quantity and thus conducive to the belief in separation, but is purely qualitative knowledge of unity.

In the state in the fire, none of the ego’s objective records since time immemorial were part of Love’s subjective quality: everything in the absolute state is absolutely interchanged in its own quality that is absolutely whole in and of itself. One Love is known to be the whole of One Love vs sensed to be one of many separate parts. Everything given by God is returned to Him in its exactness of its original state for regiving back to Him – no Love is ever sensed to be lost to God – everything is known to be complete and whole by the perfection of cyclic balanced interchange. God intends for all of creation to simultaneously know in formlessness, and comprehend in form, this perfection.

While the ego came with the ability to sense, the idea of separation occurred in man much later with the addition of the prefrontal cortex that mediates conscious experience. The thought of “his own identity” came to him, and he desired to protect the body because of it. Along with the belief in personal identity came the fear of a higher power that could potentially annihilate it.

Prior to the prefrontal cortex, man was run completely by instinct and could not yet think to ask the question “Who am I (beyond the senses)? God’s Answer to the belief in separation is the Voice of the Holy Spirit, the Still Small Voice that forever answers, “You are My Love“. One is, in Reality, not the body, not the ego, but the Pure Love Given to the Idea of Man to express in God’s image.

The prefrontal cortex enabled the ability to think about what man was sensing and to then make decisions about attracting or repelling mass vs simply answering instinctively to satisfy his senses on the spot. He could decide for or against an action or reaction. By the ability to ponder his actions and their consequences, man’s thought system that was focused on protecting his own body identity alone began to include a spiritualized ego that extended this desire for protection, starting with close kin, to the whole. The ability to think was given to man so he could learn to think with God and thus be a knowing co-creator.

One Mind is never actually divided into many minds, but seems to be divided by the variegation of ego-objectivity. Everybody seems to have a personal mind, and thus does one believe that the One Self/Mind is divided into many selves with many minds. This can only seem to be so during a very small portion of the entire cycle.

Civilization was built on the foundation of the spiritual ego, and while the uncivilized lower ego routinely still instigates war and other atrocities, mankind as a whole is rising above the thought that space between images means separation from other images and from the God-Mind of the Self, to embrace the ecstatic knowledge of creation being one whole unit working together to manifest through seemingly many selves the One Self’s One Love.

Copyright@Darcie French

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