Turn the other cheek in the name of developing the ability to love

The problem with anger is that it impedes the desire to live (which is the desire to love). The desire to love is not ordained by the ego of consciousness that relies on perception of only one half of the wave cycle of creation (and therefore believes death of the body means cessation of the ability to work with it), but by God, Who is Love. The half of the wave cycle that portrays only the duality of appearance vs disappearance is all the ego has to go by, and so it is understandable that this misconception arises. It is also understandable that anger about seeming loss of ability can develop if one pays testimony to it.

Yet desire to expand one’s being and give image to imagining is innate to the Mind of God; no matter how angry one gets and no matter how much cellular damage to the ability to perform loving acts occurs, there is always the Love of God that Self-corrects.

Man is the consummate image of God’s imagining” (Walter Russell). One with God, one does have the power, now and forever, to continue extending Love. The ego cannot trump the desire to create in the Mind of God; one’s body completes its appearance and one but continues, one with God, to work with Him on developing the creative abilities of His Masterpiece.

All abilities in the Mind of God come solely from extending love.

The body is a framework for developing abilities” (ACIM)

Jesus was the ‘consummate man’, he was the perfect example of God’s Masterpiece who Knew the effects of anger on the desire to live.

He said to “turn the other cheek” because it is harmful to one’s development of loving abilities to react in anger, and it is incredibly conducive to perfecting the ability to love, and to Knowing of Oneness with God, by accepting anger with only love.

Jesus provided God’s example of the perfect man; he is ever our elder brother who wholly knew to be love unconditionally as God Is. He did not judge mankind because he only Knew to extend Love; he Knew of his Oneness in the Father, and thus he understood the metaphysics of creating in God’s image, and also the causes of all disruption in the process. He provided the ultimate example of turning the other cheek, in the name of developing the ability to love.

Seek Me. Know Me. Be Me.” (Divine Iliad)

Seek Love. Know Love. Be Love.

2 thoughts on “Turn the other cheek in the name of developing the ability to love

  1. I believe that any relationship between two that expresses the unified oneness of love can only provide a positive example for humanity. The goal for humanity is for the general level of consciousness to reach unconditional love, which would end all discord. Unconditional love does not pry into the bedroom habits of consenting adults. I see homosexuality as being a lifestyle preference, like making orange juice, vs eating the orange straight up.:)


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