The Silence on Bell Rock and the Presence of the Present

In Sept 2008 I sat on Bell Rock in Sedona, and asked God if I could just die there. From an ecstatic state wherein the Silence within was greater than all else, I did not want to make another sound.

Moments prior, the Silence within had begun to blossom as I neared the rock. Suddenly, but very subtly, I’d noticed my hearing was “outside” of my ears. “I” was everyone speaking, all around me. I tried speaking out loud to test the phenomenon and yes, it was as if my brain was hearing me speak “after the fact” and was but a recorder of after thoughts. Sense recordings were still occurring but were all in the past; I was only the Presence of the Present.

Once seated on the Rock the Silence blossomed fully. It was so gentle, yet louder than all auditory vibrations. The Silence encompassed me in a nonlinear hug, sourced from within. All around me I could hear my Self talk, and it wasn’t me, but the Silence.

It seemed as if tears of ecstasy flowed from my very pores. A sunbeam in a tear drop flashed on something green; it was a piece of BC jade. I had come from BC; the red rocks of Arizona new to me. But there before me was a part of my homeland. I picked it up, and that’s when I asked God if I could just die there, in ecstasy.

“Bring all that is Love back home” was the answer. And so, I did.

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