Reborn in a flash

It was September of 2009 and a friend and I were hiking through Boynton Canyon. The day before, we’d been to satsang with Dr David R Hawkins. During the intermission, Doc had spoken about the Hopi rain dance and how rain would fall exactly where it was needed on the crops.

It was very dry that year; the typical August monsoons had not appeared. On our way back, I felt very ill. We’d run out of water. My friend ran ahead in order to get more water from the car and turn around to bring it back to me.

I sat down on the flat rocks on the edge of the trail. The heat was intense. I felt nauseated and faint. I thought about laying down on the rocks and leaving the body. But then I thought about my friend. A hiker stopped. She looked at me and made the comment, “you are ready to go, but there are many around you who aren’t. I’ve never seen anything like it.” She gave me some water and a granola bar and carried on.

As I sat on the rocks contemplating what she said, sudden storm clouds gathered. Lightening flashed and a 100 year flood poured from the skies. I rose up instantly; in the rain I was reborn. I raced down the path to meet my friend.


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