Debunking the belief that suicide is an answer to depression

To be relieved of depression, cease giving energy to the belief that killing the visible portion of your body will separate you from it, allowing you to exist solely as the invisible half. The invisible half of the creating body is not a “free spirit”, it is simply the other half of the visible – kill one half and you kill the other too.

And yet killing both halves is impossible. Killing the body will only force its re-concentration prematurely and all things done prematurely result in a return to the same seeming predicaments that need transcendence.

You are neither the visible half nor the invisible half of the body: you are not the body and yet the body is eternally manifested. You are one with the Self and Soul of God that is not either half of the body, but the nonlinear, qualitative interchange between the two halves — and you, one with with God, are ALWAYS creating these two halves in order to know the ecstasy of their interchange.

Until you are able to work towards realizing this by being willing to cease serving the thoughts that create such drastic imbalance between the two halves of the body tea and cookies, you will keep repeating the same errors.

You must embrace the willingness to step out of the darkness of this belief system you are giving reality and identity to and into the Light of Truth that is ever present and awaits your realization of it: you are not the body and the suicide of it will not lead to the Light, but back to the body.

Suicide simply prunes the body and that which is pruned comes back again even more pronounced. YOU are the very Love of God and to know this, your thinking must be balanced like God’s thinking is. The creation of your body with or without God is forever – in order to know peace, you must start working with the law that dictates this truth vs. against it.

Copyright@Darcie French 2020

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