Dividing Reality Within into a Dream from Without

“What’s that?” asked my Husband at 5:00 am this morning, as the body lay in bed, talking in its sleep.

“I was talking to my friend, in a dream,” I replied, speaking from my body to his body as my body-less Self.

God, the Self, is not a dream, but the Genderless “he” or “she” is a Dreamer, Who divides the One Self into a seeming two, in order to seemingly make manifest the One Love the Dreamer is.

The end of the unknowing is to wake from the dream, and although the dream continues, to know the Self as not the embodiment of the dream world, but the Dreamer Who creates it. All characters in the dream become known to be made to seem real in order to manifest the Interchange of “I Am”.

“What is the purpose of your dream, God?” I asked my Self some time ago, as if I was actually divided by “I Am”, in the early stages of the manifestation of the division, wherein the dream seemed truly real.

“The purpose of the dream is to experience My Thought to Love, which is Real,” answered my Husband from within, without saying a word from without.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


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