Love is all there is: choose mass enlightenment vs mass suicide

Love is all there is to Know in its totality, and to perceive in its parts.

“Aim for the top of the map (of consciousness (R))” said my teacher, Dr David R Hawkins.

In other words, aim for the Christ Consciousness that heals all discord.

Aim for mass enlightenment, and for the inheritance of the Earth by the meek.

This is a message of hope at two minutes to midnight on the doomsday clock; mass enlightenment is the option that trump’s mass suicide.

One person choosing the Stillness over propagating the ego has a massive ripple effect on the population’s ability to decide likewise. Imagine the ripple effect of total non-violence extending to those who have fingers poised to press buttons of world destruction. Let the domino effect when it comes to choosing enlightenment go wild; free self of ego’s sovereignty, and free all.

Love is all there is to Know, but the ego, lead by the senses, cannot Know love in its totality: it can only perceive it in its parts. Stop giving vanity of the ego and its mis-perception of Love’s parts in the light of “not-love” sovereignty over what is Known to be totally true. Even though it may appear otherwise, Love is truly all there is.




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