How the meek inherit the Earth

When it is time to teach for God, one Knows it like one knows it is time for the sun to rise or set. The previous night or the day can no longer be, the next day or night must take its place.

The previous programming has run out; given reality to the belief in separation from Source has been unwound, transcended, and cannot be re-wound. The ship of separation, that’s engine’s were stalled some time ago, has finally drifted ashore to its resting place. There is nothing more desired to perceive, and everything to Know.

The world is in a state of renewal, as homo barbarian evolves to Homo Spiritus, and all of its war ships are beached in the Stillness of Love. Old ways are ever being recycled into the new.

Is there hope for mankind, with the doomsday clock on planet Earth being “2 minutes to midnight“? I say YES, for the masses have the option to choose mass enlightenment over mass suicide. One person at a time may look to the person standing next to them, and instead of trying to kill them, forgive them the belief in separation from Source. One person at a time may Know of their Oneness with God, by accepting the universality of a brother’s Oneness.

With metaphysical understanding of how everything in the universe repeats, the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill” becomes saving Knowledge . God’s Idea of Man cannot be killed, and can only be Loved. There is no point in trying to kill, and every reason to Love. One by one, with this realization are weapons of destruction laid gently aside, and do “the meek inherit the Earth.”






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