What is the ongoing battle of Kurukshetra really about?

What is the battle of Kurukshetra in the Bhagavad Gita really about? The battle is ongoing, and it is about protecting family values. It is about the protection of the night, to protect the sleeping child. The sleeping child is the family’s only hope to endure.

Metaphysically speaking, without the night, there can be no day. Without the child there can be no extension of family lineage. Both sides of the battle know this. The demonic use the night to kill the day, and the spiritual rest in the night to resurrect the day.

The balanced family arrangement of  the father and mother union is necessary to protect the sleeping child in the night. Those on spirit’s side fight to protect the holy matrimony of the family trinity: for creation to endure, future children must be born to Know Oneness with God through their parents example of balanced joining in love. The demonic use the night to break apart this union and create imbalance in the family, which steals children from their Knowledge.

Today’s battle of Kurukshetra is the extension of the same scene. Unholy activities take adults away from protecting children in the night.

The first step in winning the battle is to give up those activities, and take back the night.



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