One Guru

I am my own Guru, by ongoing, active identification as Spirit vs with ego. This way I am Self-Sufficient and never subject to “loss of a teacher”. The “how to” is self-inquiry, notice and surrender, and the result is the Self-driven desire to stay with the state of enlightenment. No one can do this for me, but me. Same with you. You must be the one to uncover, and Be, what you are.

There are two voices in mind that one can listen to – the voice for ego, or wrong mind, and the Voice for God – the Holy Spirit, or Right Mind. Another way to describe the Holy Spirit part of mind would be to call it the part of mind that is of God’s Thought, that only Knows Love, and does not differentiate or select between illusions in consciousness. The Holy Spirit is the part of Mind that corrects perception while belief in its value still seems reasonable.

I’ve chosen to listen to the Voice for God – to the Voice for Love – and as I listen to my own voice sharing what I have learned from the Right-Minded Teacher Within, I hear us speaking as one.




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