The illusion the ego loves best

Any time there is an argument about magic thoughts, all teaching and learning about Love comes to a halt. This is why “the sage never argues”, as the saying goes. When sages appear to be arguing, it is the voice for ego that is being heard and responded too, and it cancels out the Voice for God/Love/Self aka the Holy Spirit.

Arguing over material content always results in depression and a seeming “fall from Grace”. Arguing about magic thoughts is what seemingly keeps the mind “split” and testifying to ego’s make believe. Thoughts outside of the Mind of Self and the sole function to extend Love serve to seemingly separate one from oneness with Love, and confirm the illusion of separation from it. There is only this decision to make each morning if one wants a peaceful day: listen to the Holy Spirit and to thereby let the ego and its game board of conflict go. The Holy Spirit looks past all ideas of magic to the Truth as God Created. The Son of God is in no need of magic; He is Perfect as He Is. A Teacher of God sees only the Truth of everyone. No body is an actual source of illusion, no body is a reason to argue.

If there is only Truth, one might ask, what is the devil? The devil is in the belief that bodies prove that separation from Love is true. And yet, it is not possible to separate from Love. Therefore, the devil is but the illusion that the ego loves best.

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