Real Healing

There is one kind of healing that is Real: recognition of the Absolute Truth. Rejoin the Kingdom of Reality by recognition of Self in one’s brother. It is very easy to do. One surrenders to the Supreme Reality all material differences and sees the ever living Christ in everyone. This recognition brings to the surface inner Knowledge of eternal life, and the temporary nature of the flesh and everything that is perceived of material nature no longer “matters”. (Pun intended 🙂

With the recognition of Christ as one’s own Self comes a love for all of life so profound that brain chemistry changes. Peace inducing endorphins flow vs the adrenaline that comes with entertaining the belief in fear. The state of Peace heals all concepts of illness; illness no longer holds any value. The body will decay and go back to where it came from, and it matters not. Instead of fearing death of the body, one is grateful knowing the confines and limitations of the flesh won’t last forever. Indeed nothing is ever perceived as difficult again, because looking past appearances to the one Essence heals all thoughts of discord. Inner life flows smoothly no matter the outer circumstances. The Truth has set one free.


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