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Skip Dubious Science, and Go Straight to the Universal One

Ninety years ago, The Universal One, “an exact science of the One visible and invisible universe of Mind and the registration of all idea of thinking Mind in light, which is matter and also energy” by Walter Russell was first published and distributed to top scientists around the world.

Almost 100 years later, the priceless education in this document is available free online, yet it is not public knowledge.

In the effort to take the creator out of creation and give ego all the credit, science does nothing but stall in its exploration and understanding of the Universal One. The only credit that can be given to the ego is its clinging to the notion of vanity.

Walter Russell was anything but vain; he was the opposite of egocentric. He did not go to school past the age of nine. Everything he learned and taught was via states of inner illumination, not via the ego that is lead by the senses. The ego despises the idea of receiving Knowledge direct from Source, and so Russell’s work was either completely ignored by the scientists in his day (and in present day), or stolen and republished inaccurately, under different names.

It is my goal to resurrect a university for the Universal One, to begin to teach the masses the metaphysics of creating. Mass enlightenment is indeed called for sooner than later if we want to avoid mass suicide, as the doomsday clock sits at 2 minutes to midnight.


Writing for the levels of consciousness to teach about nonlinear Love

Perhaps it takes a mystic to fully comprehend the writings of a mystic, yet the mystic writes for everyone. On the path to becoming a mystic, the student of enlightenment transcends belief in the levels of consciousness necessary to teach/learn of the Oneness of unvariegated Spirit.  There are no levels to Spirit; the levels of consciousness are but dimensions of creative illusion. The mystic writes both for the nonlinear communion with other mystics, and for the nonlinear education of those embroiled in belief.

The world could use more writers at consciousness level 600” said Dr David R Hawkins. The levels of consciousness below 600 (on Dr Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness (R)) constitute the world, and the limiting beliefs inherent to those levels constitute the need for nonlinear education.

Levels of consciousness below 600 on the Map of Consciousness (R) represent levels of  attachment to life within dimension and are functionally unaware of non-dimensional union in the Father (Oneness). Belief in separation starts at 1 of bacteria on Doc’s map, and Awareness of Oneness, or enlightenment, starts at level 600. Eons pass before bacteria evolves beyond the belief in separation, and innate power is generally not put to use in the world of dimension because there is the belief in separation from Source at play. Great degrees of unnecessary suffering go on with the levels below 540 because man does not Know of his Oneness with God (540 is “the start” of Knowing Oneness, as unconditional love), and he makes regrettable decisions with frequencies corresponding directly with his degrees of unknowing.

One is not the colorful, electrical light-wave units pixelating in and out of perception as the image of one’s idea evolves through the wave of its creation – one is Unified in God’s Mind as His Idea that never leaves the Still Magnetic Light of its Source. God is wholly inseparable from His Idea, and Knowing this truth is the normal state of Mind. God’s Idea always rests in His Love and Knowing this Love, one surrenders the world of effects from abnormal thinking, and seeks out this Knowledge at will. In the end of the unknowing, which interchanges beautifully in the beginning of Knowledge that always was and will always be, there is only Love.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


Glossary of terms: Anthropomorphization


God is One Being, undivided by the illusion of division into the anthropology of His forms of seeming. Form is motion-embodied thought, it is idea made to seem manifest by setting the Stillness of Oneness in Love of God’s Being into the illusion of motion or separation. Any time the perceptual qualities of  “sensed matter in motion” (Walter Russell) are assigned to One’s Being, God is anthropomorphized into something He can never actually become. Effects are never made real and do not become Cause,  but return to rest in their Origin.

God’s Thinking is Cause, and the motion necessary to embody it is the effect. One with God’s Thought, the Son has the mutual Power to think effects, but like God, only into the illusion of being.

The Father, in Love with His Idea of Man as it unfolds from His Balanced Cradle of Love and refolds back into it, is the Balance that form finding rest in aims to simulate as it springs from the Stillness of Balance into seeming activity, to return to the Stillness of Balanced Union. To Know Self as the Idea of Man, Balanced in Love with Creator of the Idea, is to Know Oneness with the very Essence of Love. This Knowledge wipes out perception of  effects in a flash of Union in Cause that is Known to be the ongoing “place” of eternal rest within the ongoing Pulse of Life that is commonly called “The Kingdom of Heaven”. Known Essence is no longer assigned less than the Qualities inherent to that Knowledge. The only Qualities inherent to Knowledge of Oneness with God are “Balance, Truth, Love and the Law” (Walter Russell). Instead of locating one’s Power in the image, join in Cause and extend only the Qualities one is unified with.

There is only rest with periods of activity

“There is no subconscious Mind. Mind is not stratified. There is only Mind at rest, and Mind in action — which means thinking.” (Walter Russell)

Mind at rest is One Reality. Mind in action produces the effect of sensed matter in motion that only seemingly divides Oneness into duality. Duality is not actual; duality is actually interchange between opposing pairs. The senses detect only seeming outer change and cannot detect the interchange between the visible and the invisible, and so death, while visible life is preponderant, is feared. Yet death of the visible body is nothing but total relaxing of the senses back to their Source, which releases them back to the seed of their idea. Death of the body is a non-event because it is a non-activity.

Beyond the boundaries of the cube wave field, the imaged spheres within it cannot go; they must reverse their preponderantly depleting charge at the end of the charge’s life span and thus return to activity.

Night time is a natural wave field boundary that depolarizes imaged activity back to rest for repolarization. No image can be observed without necessary sleep requirements.

Death of the body is due to reaching a natural wave field boundary that seemingly disappears imaged activity back to rest. No image can go beyond death’s boundaries. Yet the disappearance of an image is a non-event; sleeping doesn’t ‘happen’ to the sleeper.

There is no ‘afterlife’; there is only what one is thinking now, interchanging with periods of rest. The Pulse of Life is the interchange between rest and activity in the Mind of God. All activity springs from rest with a specified amount of charge to discharge over time; activity in preponderance is only visible because the invisible has not yet regained preponderance, and the same applies to vice versa. The senses detect only a small portion of ongoing interchange that seems to be outer change; they cannot Know the truth of eternal Oneness with God that never changes.

The desire to sleep is the same desire to leave the physicality at the natural end of its active period. The non-event of death is very much wanted, when the natural time to reverse one’s charge comes.

The ego, lead by the deceptions of the senses, believes the idea of death to be real and terrifying vs unreal and desired.  There is no hell, nor heaven, beyond the ideas of them believed to be real, seemingly playing out on God’s cosmic stage.

All of the actors rest in God forever, and act out idea some of the time. Free will determines whether one thinks of the heavenly, or one thinks of hell. The masses are programmed by resistance to the draw of the Kingdom of Heaven to think of and manifest hell. The Son of God is resented and blamed by the ego only for his release of the body. “Accepting the Atonement for self” (ACIM) accepts the draw to think of heaven, and manifests the Qualities of God in one’s periods of activity.

The seeming levels of consciousness of the waking actors are but different projected scripts of idea, believed-to-be true, and then passed down over the eons. None of them hold any reality in the eternal Reality of rest in Source. “Mind is not stratified”.

Copyright@Darcie French 2017


Awakening to My Own Timeline

The beginning of the last two weeks of the year 2007 marked the end of fearful attention paid to the timeline of the spacetime calendar.

Prior to the opening up of my spectrum of perception to include the never was manifest of God’s Idea of Man that I am, it was as if I was in the dark womb of my own manifesting concept’s evolution. It took the dawning of the Light of My Own Origin to awaken me, to the illusions of beingness that I’d until then, beheld as real.

The discovery was that I am the one, with God’s Still-Light-leveraging tools for creating, to set the cosmic clock of experience within the illusion of the dimension of time from a Unified-in-God state of Timelessness. I am the one to make a calendar of effects to observe from different viewpoints of motivations. I decide on the length of the ‘year’ it takes to do a full rotation around the seed-source of my idea, and on length of the ‘day’ it takes for a revolution between a period of charge and a period of discharge, and on what kind of growth I want to observe within those periods. I set the symmetry of charge and discharge of what I desire to express, by marking off outer boundaries of the cube, to reflect inner desire as the sphere.

That which I am, one with Source, is already potential in place, is not periodical, and needs no growth as if to move to become more, and no death as if to move to become less. In order to experience myself as potential out of place, but in its own period of life, I set, by the projection of the seed of my idea to a dimension of space and time, the Stillness of I Am in seeming motion. This motion is only seeming, it is only an ‘extension of omnipresent Stillness into omnipresent Stillness’ (Walter Russell). This motion is directed by the Timelessness I wind up into time to be unwound, and by the distance decided from Center of Thought-Giving to outer boundary planes that I mark off, as Points-of-Regiving, where the projected radii return to Observant Source, and seem to suspend the moving potentials of all the working parts of my conception in place.

I am one with the storage battery of timeline at the Timeless Center of the seed of my idea, and together as One, we give seeming life to all of the systems thus polarized, and take them back in seeming death, for re-borning again in life, as appropriated by desire for them. I am one, not with the seeming motion of discharge, but one with the One Who Gives the system’s battery its charge to store, and one with the One Who Receives its calendar of discharge.

I woke up from the deep sleep of my concept’s initial stages to notice nothing but the perfection of its maturity. There was still plenty of it left for the knowing enjoyment of the unwinding, I noticed, and yet time no longer marched on, inching in years, months, weeks, days, minutes, and seconds, towards my death. Time but marches back to the Zero Point of Timelessness from which it came. I had been afraid of nothing, it turns out, but awakening to my own timeline.

The Qualities Backing Sacred Geometry

What are the Qualities of God that power the sacred geometry of creation?

Let us draw a mental picture of a “quantity” of energy representing the constant of the wave of which the solar system is a part and let us mark off the harmonic circle of this wave on the south inertial planes of the cubes of motion. It will be remembered that the volume of the constant is represented by two opposed cones, the altitudes of which have been marked off by the electric pole at the intersection of the three inertial planes of the cubes of motion. These marked off altitudes represent the limitations of expansion of the wave. The center of each harmonic base is also the apex of the opposing cone. Imagine, then, the two opposing cones for each wave intersecting so that each apex meets the apex of another cone at the centre of the magnetic base of its opposite. This is the position of the cones of energy in concept as simultaneously marked off throughout the universe. This is the position of the opposing male-female, positive-negative cones of energy at the beginning and at the ending of every effect of motion as expressed in the wave before inertia has been overcome by motion and after motion has been conquered by inertia. This is the position of the opposing cones of energy in the dimensionless universe of inertia. This is the birth of energy in man’s “spiritual” universe.” (Walter Russell)

“I” without seeming division by the positional cones of dimension, am One with the Universal Constant that is the Magnetic Source of the electrical illusion of quantified concept. I am One with the Known Qualities of the Source of the “opposing cones of energy in the dimensionless universe of inertia” and those Qualities are Known as Balance, Truth, Love and the Law. I am One with this Mother-Father Source of creation; I am One with the Energy of Spiritual Love, Undivided by the waves of positional preponderances that unite in opposition, and seem to give birth to my concept.

Copyright@Darcie French 2017


Interchange vs outer change

“There is no subconscious Mind. Mind is not stratified. There is only Mind at rest, and Mind in action — which means thinking.” (Walter Russell)

There is only the Pulse of Life, which is God’s Interchange between rest and activity that is Known as Oneness with Love Begetting Love. There are no actual levels of consciousness; there is only interchange between rest and activity that is noted as if levels are real. Perception takes note of outer change that is the effect of projected interchange. The Interchange in Source which is the Zero Fulcrum divided into seeming two to project and reflect idea is Reality, the projection perceived as outer change is not.

Thinking is the mental love muscle that seems to bring something from nothing. Thinking germinates seeds of desire in the Mind of God by projecting for it the cube wave field needed to birth the spheres of imagination.

At rest in the Mind of God is everything that could possibly desire to become active. The Pulse of Life brings image to the Image Maker. Be not fooled by the illusions of outer change; there is only Interchange in Source.