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Put thoughts of alien attack to rest

Put thoughts of alien attack to rest, and focus on being Love. Let go of thoughts of killing, for every thought projected returns to its point of origin. Man is ultimately afraid of his own self, via his own attack thoughts. All attack thoughts are indeed alien, and yet there are no verifiable alien bodies housing them. Alien thoughts are hosted by mankind.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean indicate the belief that a superior older race from another planet will someday annihilate us.

Walter Russell says that this is impossible, discrediting the seeming need to prepare for such a possibility and/or dig up Thoth’s space ship allegedly buried under the Sphinx of the pyramid in Giza, Egypt. Many scientific and New Age thinkers alike are in an ongoing search of such purported artifacts due to the mistaken belief in alien attack.

From the Home Study Course lesson 12, the proof that this search is unecessary and contributes to world fear mongering:

Science has much to say about ‘magnetic lines of force’ — both planetary and interplanetary — which do not even exist in nature as you will know when the mystery of curvature is unfolded later in this lesson. Because of these interplanetary lines of force it is presumed that a superior older race from some other planet might annihilate us because of its superior knowledge of the use of these supposedly existent lines of magnetic force for interplanetary travel. We regret that the impossibility of such a happening cannot be fully unfolded here, but we can give this small paragraph or two to give you the following assuring facts.

1. The only possible planet for human life to still unfold is Mars.

2. If there are still Martian people — and there probably are — they are so many millions of years older as a race, that they have become Cosmic Beings who so thoroughly know their unity with God and man that if they could come here it would be to uplift us rather than to hurt us.

He goes on to say that Mercury is still too young to even begin to develop an atmosphere, Venus is too young to host vegetable or animal life, and all of the outer planets are “even more beyond the possibility of animal or vegetable life of any kind”.

The body is vulnerable to all thoughts projected, which, like boomerangs, return to the plasma of their mechanical origins and make changes there. Therefore, mentally give (project) only thoughts of love vs thoughts of fear, and take delight in a physiological system that isn’t driven by fight or flight, but by love, as intended by the Creator.

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