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Rest in the Kingdom of Balanced Thinking

The sense-based thinking that runs the masses in search of material wealth cannot be carried forward. All that is seemingly made manifest is based in Mind, and only the Self-realized qualities of knowledge can be carried forward. That which is sensed is either compression or expansion of the thought waves that produce the illusion of manifest thought- what is there to be gained or lost by material possessions but the sensations of those two seemingly divided directions of motion? There is nothing but the effects of motion to be seemingly gained or lost for a period of non-existent time, for all things seeming simultaneously return to the voidness of their origin in stillness as they seem to appear in marching time.

All happiness is in knowing the qualities of the stillness of the cause that thinks to divide the stillness into balanced states of seeming motion. All happiness is in the wholeness of simultaneously thinking to conceive and complete idea in Mind through the balanced thinking to manifest a body in motion to simulate the still life of mental concept. There is no happiness to be found in the divided¬†sensing of the simultaneously compressing and expanding body: happiness is knowing the wholeness of mental balance that backs the balanced expression of that body. Happiness is in the forgetting of the expression of life’s seeming duality between compression and expansion and the realization of the true life at rest that thinks the body into seeming being in a balanced fashion. Mentally knowing perfect balance between the motions of compression and expansion is happiness.

If knowing the mental balance backing the expression of a balanced body is happiness, what can there be but a false sense of joy, or a false sense of sorrow, in the attachment or aversion to the seeming duality of gaining or losing what is sensed of the material world? There is no truth to sense-based thinking that can only be based in the sensing of the seeming division between the two opposing-yet-unified states of motion that provide the illusion of idea in motion. There is no reality to motion. There is no identity to it. Reality and identity belong to Mind as static idea, not to the forms of idea expressed by the illusion of motion.

The identity and reality of Mind is never projected from the stillness of cause to the world of moving effects. So why project the Self as if to be contained by the world of illusion? Why say, ‘the Self is expanded, or compressed, dead or alive’ when the Self is still and never becomes the states of motion that comprise the illusion of embodiment?

Rest in the balanced thinking of the Self that is purely mental, purely idea – and know the eternal ecstasy of the Kingdom of Balanced Thinking that is forever within.

Copyright@Darcie French 2019

The Ecstasy of deferring to Supreme Control

One could not move one’s little finger, without God’s Supreme Control.

God is the Source of expression of Idea within, and God controls the time period of the expression from without. God is the still center of the moving-by-interchange sphere, and the still boundaries of the moving-by-interchange cube. Idea lives in God’s Love, and dies in God’s Love, by One Interchange in Love. The Quality Known of this Interchange is the Ecstatic Balance achieved by the perfect equality between living and dying, giving and re-giving. Outward expression of Idea is radially expressed from the center of every galactic sun and atomic cell alike, and reversed at the boundary lines of the sun’s or cell’s cube of space to disappear that same sun or cell and again reappear it. That sphere that disappeared into the cube is re-condensed from the cube.

The movement encircling the center of God within the boundary planes of God is not God. God is the Ecstatic Balance or “Stillness” controlling everything He centrally sets in motion by outward giving that is regiven by reversal at the boundary planes for continuance of central outward giving. God is not the illusion of motion that creates the appearance and disappearance of mass. God’s Mind is never made physical. The Body of God neither lives nor dies. Man’s body is God’s Body. The Supreme Being of Man, too, never lives nor dies by Idea in motion, and is forever one with the Stillness of Idea.

The universe of form, which is the Body of God, is one cube-sphere with incrementally smaller cube-spheres making up universal systems within the one. All cubes are forever inversing to become all spheres, and all spheres are forever outversing to become all cubes. Periodically, the sphere and the cube each become the total opposite of the other, in order to start the cycle of interchange between the two over again. This cycling never ends; once something is set in motion in the Mind of God, it never stops, it forever sequentially lives to die and dies to be reproduced. Only to the senses does mass created by the illusion of motion seem to end, but if one could sense the vacant cube as being half of the condensed sphere, one would sense no motion at all. One can only Know this fact as interchanging ecstasy, and not be disturbed by the illusion of beginnings nor endings.

The inbreathing/outbreathing of every corpuscle of light is the heartbeat of God. The outer change of this expression goes from birth of the embodiment, to death of the embodiment. Everything in the cycle between appearance and disappearance is under God’s absolute control. God is the only One breathing; one cannot inhale, nor exhale, without the Pulse of God backing the wave of His creation.

The alternating sequence between appearance and disappearance of God’s Pulse is forever. Creation is forever transformed as death undoes prior expressions of updating Idea. Creation is forever updating, as one unfolds to the Knowledge of the Law of Love. Love transforms it’s expressions by their ascension to Knowledge.

God Knows the interchange between appearance and disappearance of embodied Idea as unchanging ecstasy. One with God in the fire, vs remembering and trying to uphold the body’s safety and the idea that death of the body could be death of the Self, I surrendered to the state of Pure Nirvana in God.

The embodiment of the Idea’s expression is not meant to be remembered in a state of agony by attaching to it the idea that the death of embodiment means the death of Idea. Jesus taught us that lesson, by his Oneness with God’s Ecstasy on the cross.

Dr David R Hawkins re-framed Jesus’ last words on the cross in Truth: “Even for this, Father, you have NOT forsaken me!” The masses heard not the “not”, and believed in the appearance of outer agony vs inner ecstasy. Jesus taught that the body can be forgotten under all circumstances: Jesus taught that one may let the idea of death go no matter what, and forever defer to the Balanced Qualities-in-One of interchanging ecstasy.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018



Be no body, and rest in the Autopilot of the Universal One ~ Who Knows only Ecstatic Love

Jesus Christ was master at forgetting the body and resting in the ecstasy of the Pulse of Life that is Knowledge Becoming, or Love Begetting, and has nothing to do with sensing.¬† To forget the senses of the body and let it run on Autopilot is to remember the ecstasy of the Christ that is the pinnacle of man’s mountain top.

Jesus did not suffer on the cross as the ego would have one believe; he went to his mountain top. He was ever in a state of Ecstatic Union with the Father that forgets the body. Jesus Knew in ecstasy that he was no body; he was wholly lead by Ecstasy’s Autopilot. The ego tried to prove he was a body by killing the embodiment, but the ego could not touch the ecstasy of the Son Knowing the Father bringing embodiment Home.

The Interchange between Knowledge and Thought is a Pulse Beat that goes from the Zero of Stillness (Walter Russell) back to the Zero of Stillness. Thought returning to Knowledge is the same ecstasy as Knowledge becoming Thought. That which is expressed is that which is de-expressed, and it’s all Love. Love radiating on the way out is the same as Love gravitating on the way in. Life and death perceptually represent the One Interchange between the two. We say, “life and death” because our perception has not yet fully evolved to be able to perceive creation happening all at once.

Rest in the Autopilot of the Universal One; give the body over to the Will of the Sonship for the Purpose of ascension. Man will eventually get to the Knowing point where his body operates by instinct, totally in tandem with the Universal Pulse: the body of no concern to him like God’s Body is of no concern to Him. All Homo Spiritus Knows is to Give Love, as it will be reGiven as such, and this is the Way he learns to rest in His Equilibrium, no matter what is happening with the physical.

The body evolves through the eons towards 360 degree perception of ecstatic Oneness that requires no regeneration of unfolding concept for comprehension to take place. One becomes wholly One with God, Mind and Body no longer seem separate. When God’s Concept of Man has fully unfolded, the Value of division will be Wholly Known. Man will Know and rest in the Stillness of only Love, and Conceive of and Comprehend only Love in all of its expressions.

The Pulse of Life is eternal. One does transcend identification with the repeating body for the ecstasy of ever Knowing only its Unity in One Body; one ceases to identify with the embodiment of the Idea of Love beyond making instinctual adjustments that serve its continuous forgetting, and keep the door open to the continuous Memory of Love Begetting. The physical universe is Love’s Origami, unfolding and refolding forever in the images of Love’s imaginings; and God and His Sons, in the surety of Being, Give and reGive only Love. One ceases to identify with the appearance of the flowers going to seed of life, for the Ecstasy of the Flower of Life’s full comprehension.

Copyright@Darcie French