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Walter Russell taught independence vs codependence

A true guru, or teacher of enlightenment, will not create a student body that is dependent on the body or the products of the teacher. A true guru will forever point to the inner guru or teacher that is within – the shared Self of God – for lifelong (eternal) learning.

All throughout the 12 part home study course on universal law, natural science and philosophy by Walter and Lao Russell, the Self is pointed to as the Source of all knowledge. Indeed, Walter Russell was driven to produce a body of teachers of the work he produced who are independent of the need for outside Sources and in-tune with inner knowledge. He often iterated how it only complicates one’s problems by taking them to another person to seek solutions – when all answers to all problems are within.

How is that so, that all answers are within? It is so because everything in the outer mirror is projected there from within.

“Wherever you go, there you are”.

The world that one sees from without is a simulation of the world within. A true teacher points this fact out, and does not act as an imposter self that seemingly holds the solutions to one’s problems (usually at a price).

Learn how creation works in order to be master of matter vs slave to it. Give not time, money, nor attachment love to another body and expect actual solutions in return. The brain is not the Mind. Mind is universal. Another person’s creative expression may invoke inspiration, yet inspiration is free, and it is Self-provided. Make no physical pacts with another; give no one but the Self of God within your holy oath.

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