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How to Let Love Resolve Negative Situations

I have been asked several times from readers “how to be Love”. One is already Love in essence, so to Be Love essentially means to refrain from acting and reacting with negativity.

The Self is Love, and negative emotions are man-made energies that do not exist for the Self that lives forever in the Light of Love. All thinking results in the creation of some kind of form, and negative thinking results in unwanted forms such as illness and accidents.

I can recall many situations where the response of resting in the extension of already existing Love vs. responding with the projection of negativity has been healing for all parties involved.

This video gives some examples.



Extend love to know love

Self is created by God, via the extension of Love. In the Beginning, there was only Awareness of Self as Love and the ability to create by extending love. Ego is a subjective self made by mind, via the willingness to be separate from extending Love. Love is the Kingdom of God, and fear, the emotion that seemingly blocks Love, is the kingdom of ego. The Holy Spirit is available to call on to bridge mind’s perception back to the Beginning, to resuming direct Knowledge of God’s Love.

Ego’s version of love is founded on loss, one wherein innate power is limited by belief in attachment to the helpless coming and going of form vs Awareness of its Source. Innate power is believed to be limited to perceiving the appearance and disappearance of bodies; innate power is not recognized to be all around and within. When bodies degrade, the ego self claims suffering and death are “real”, that form takes life with it, and perhaps that God “punishes”. This ego-self-described pain is all that is noticed in place of Love extending, and it can be unnoticed by not noticing it. God’s version of Love is ever extended regardless of whether one identifies as Self or with self.

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” (Rumi)

Those who extend ever given Love vs place faith in the temporary are Aware that they always have Love, and thus cannot actually be subject to the belief in the loss of it.