Desire Fulfilled

Consciousness produces the realm of perception. Consciousness is ego's domain and stems from the part of mind that fictitiously believes in separation from Source. Devoid of consciousness is Spirit's Awareness of the shared Will of God/Love/Source only, which is the ongoing extension of Love from Father to Son or Creator to Creation. The Son wants … Continue reading Desire Fulfilled

Conscious content creators

We are conscious content creators scripting the material, Powered by a non-attached Source that is wholly Loving, holds nothing back, and allows everything. What is held in mind apart from Source is witnessed by consciousness as the manifest world. Said Dr David R Hawkins, on how we are creators of content, generators of our own … Continue reading Conscious content creators

Give all content to Context

Dr David R Hawkins said that confusing context with content (confusing son of man's ego (content) with Self or Son of God (Context) is man's greatest error . Christ said essentially the same thing - the son of man is acting in a state of ignorance when it comes to knowing his rights as the … Continue reading Give all content to Context