Withdrawal of the senses

Mind cannot be eliminated. Mind is synonymous with Self/Soul/Source/Creator/God. The ego database of sensed observations can be transcended via withdrawal of the senses, but Mind cannot be withdrawn, neither temporarily or permanently. To say Mind can be eliminated is to say that God can die. It is a ludicrous supposition based purely in fantasy; based … Continue reading Withdrawal of the senses

In search of the fruitless

Q: I am working on tracking down the original thought that is the basis for the so called database of ego.  It could be the sensed thought "I AM."  If one really is not, as in deep sleep or when they are flowing and only NOW, which does not form a memory, this thinking mind … Continue reading In search of the fruitless

The Importance of Applying Knowledge

I felt compelled, when Mind began to flower with the truth of Self-control, to leave things "as they were" in order to focus on applying what I knew to moving the universe as I so desired. I left my husband, kids, career, pets, house, belongings and I moved the body to another country. I needed … Continue reading The Importance of Applying Knowledge