URGENT! Free Report on Universal Law

One natural disaster like COVID-19 after another occurs and each time, without general knowledge and application of Universal Law, humanity is doubly upset by not knowing why the disaster occurred, and by being set back to begin again the laborious process of rebuilding – whether it be a city, a country or the bulk of the planet’s civilization.

The roller coaster of highs and lows of not knowing Universal Law translates to the spiritual seeker as well as the seeker of the material. Spiritual seekers who look outside of the Self are randomly gratified to seemingly find the Higher State as if through something material (a book, a recording, a location or other symbolic representation), and then devastated to lose it again, over and over, as the novelty of the symbol wears off.

It’s commonly believed that inequality, materially and spiritually, is due to lack of financial funds, and in “man’s house”, this is true. War between brothers over money has historically overtaken any Love of brotherhood.

But in God’s House, which is the Kingdom of Heaven within and the Balance of Nature without, all there is, is equality.

For God is the Love of the Self within. To manifest Self is to manifest Love, which is eternally known as Balance. We are clearly not, as a collective, manifesting Balance. We are manifesting great imbalance that is experienced as great suffering.

Years ago, I wholly experienced the Balance of God as I left a house on fire in the middle of the night. I didn’t manifest Balance in my life, though, for many years afterwards – until I realized that the key to maintaining “the Higher State” without interruption is to “See, Know, Be” the Law.

Today, I rest in the State of Oneness and I act with it. I know the cause of my problems as they arise (they are always due to unbalanced thinking, or thinking without God), and thus, how to rectify them and prevent their recurrence.

To Be the Law, one must know what Balanced Thinking is, and it helps to be connected to a Teacher, Coach or Therapist who has “been there” through the trial and error of discovery. Please download my free report on recognizing and realizing Oneness with Universal Law, and together we can fill the world with Light.