Turn Anxiety Back To Love

What is anxiety from a universal law perspective? And how can anxiety be cured naturally, without any medications?

How can the stomach clenching, heart racing effects of fear be naturally and easily turned back to the healthy homeostasis of mental and physical rest in Love interchanging with Love?

Like all other diseases, disorders and discomforts, anxiety is an effect of unbalanced thinking. It results in parts of the body having too much of something, and other parts having too little. In this case, that “something” is blood flow.

Balanced thinking is, in effect, sequential alternation between simulated rest, and simulated activity. Balanced thinking is, in cause, the concentrative/decentrative thinking of the Creator that is back of all dual-bodied effects of motion.

The body is an amalgamation of effects of motion kept in balance via balanced thinking, or upset via unbalanced thinking. Balanced interchange between the dual bodies of creating things is what keeps the universe in balance. Rain becomes vapor to sequentially become again rain to become again vapor. As water is pressured to transmute, it obeys the Creator’s balanced thinking, and there are no residues of imbalance.

Anxiety, or fear, in the wild is resolved by a giving/regiving symbiosis that generates life, and we can apply the same principles with humans.

The deer senses the wolf and the fight or flight response kicks in, sending the bulk of blood flow to the large muscles to give flight, temporarily away from the internal organs. As the deer runs from the threat, homeostasis is naturally returned. The large muscles return the blood that was given from the large organs. Once resolved, the sense of fear disappears as quickly as it came, there are no residues of imbalance in the deer’s system, and the activity of balanced giving/regiving is generative to the health and continuation of the animal.

In humans, anxiety is most often the physiological effects of the fight or flight system triggered by a fearful thought, not an actual threat. One can think of a threat and experience the sense of fear as if one is the deer running from the wolf, and yet, one is actually perfectly safe.

What happens in the human body at the thought of a threat is the same as what happens in the deer. Blood flow is concentrated in the large muscles to assist with the escape, and yet, there is no threat, and so there is no attempt to escape. Without the correct response to the threat, blood flow remains out of balance until it is slowly returned via innate symbiosis of the Creator’s thinking. Via man’s unbalanced thinking that isn’t immediately balanced as it is in Nature, too much blood in the large muscles accounts for restless legs and fibromyalgia. Not enough blood flow to the heart, lungs and stomach accounts for the nausea and shortness of breath of anxiety. We humans take addictive medications for these symptoms that can simply and easily be fixed.

In the wild, the deer doesn’t stop to notice the effects of not running from the threat. It doesn’t stop and think, “oh, the wolf over there is giving me anxiety”. They immediately run – they engage those blood-filled large muscles – and they are either returned to the simulation of homeostasis or to the Zero of their expression for re-expression. For the human generating the fight or flight response without immediately resolving it, anxiety becomes all sorts of disorders and diseases of residues of imbalance (ie cancer) as blood flow is chronically unbalanced without resetting “for no good reason”.

The cure, or fix, is simple: when the fight or flight response is triggered, use the large muscles until homeostasis is resolved.

Run. Skip. Play.

Move the body with rhythmic joyfulness until the large organs are restored of comfort. Play until the nausea disappears and the heart beats again with perfect rhythm. Join the balanced Pulse of Life of Love being Love.

You are Love. Love is the Law. You may command and control the concept of your Self that your body appears to be via knowledge of the Law that you are. There is nothing to fear, but the unwillingness to balance one’s thinking.