Transcending the belief in the temporary

The seemingly temporary nature of the world and the ongoing potential for its destruction has perplexed and terrified it’s inhabitants since time immemorial.

The question is asked, “how is it that such a beautiful thing – life – always seems to come to an end, or at least seems to be ‘threatened’ by a potential end?”

Without Knowledge of Oneness with God and the inherent understanding that “life never dies, it just changes form” (Dr David R Hawkins) one is constantly struggling to “swim upstream” against the opposing forces of duality, and rebuild what is taken down by them.

Duality cannot be trumped by that which the senses perceive only; as far as the senses can tell, everything that is perceived to be alive has an expiration date, and this engenders great fear.

Through perception alone, man is unable to see past his vulnerabilities or learn how to transcend them. He needs something more than brute force to transcend his ideas of limitation; man needs to become aware of and work with the Power of God in him.

What one can’t Know via perception is still there, but is not noticed. By the senses alone it is as if one puts down Knowledge of the whole show by picking up a straw and squinting through it, and claiming the small picture that is visible at the end of the straw to be all there is to the entire show.

There is an unnoticed balancing side to life that is called “death”, and man will learn that life’s other half doesn’t mean he is dead. Death feeds life for life’s return.

“When you fully realize that You are continually recording Yourself eternally, and that the visible half of you eternally interchanges with the invisible half, and that you build both of them together eternally for eternal interchange, you will then know that there is naught but LIFE in this unfolding-refolding universe, and that death is the other balanced half of life.” (Walter Russell)

The rest of the show, or that which surrounds the small picture believed to be all there is to life is still there, supporting the picture. This unnoticed side of life is not acknowledged while looking through the straw.

Through Self-Inquiry one puts down the straw, opens one’s “spiritual eyes”, and begins to notice the rest of the show. This realization is not through the senses, but by man becoming aware of God in him.


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