The unreality of s(p)in

Think you that there is a “good” but judgmental God who forced His children from Paradise for their s(p)ins against Him, and that because of your s(p)ins, you will therefore be subject to His wrath on “judgment day”?

The threat of judgment day is heavily propagated by the controlling organizational forces of the world. The idea of a “good” but highly judgmental God sourcing a world of guilt and suffering focuses on a split or s(p)in from Source so that the masses may be controlled by an unChrist-like shepherd (the ego is the unChrist-like shepherd); but still, the threat is untrue.

Judgment day is not coming, it is here, but exists only in the ego thought system that aims to disconnect one from Reality by way of belief in the unrealities of the motion picture show. Sin and evil are but judgments of the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” meant to keep sheep in line for the wolf’s purposes. What the wolf doesn’t want the sheep to realize is that nothing but Good can be expressed by a Good God’s nature.

It is backwards to portray the birth of the world as if a “good” God made a Balanced Paradise and then forced His children to engage in a balancing act away from it.

Paradise on Earth is realized by working with God vs struggling with ego. God’s Fulcrum of Power which creation rests on is Perfectly Balanced and that which appears to come and go from it does so not because of God’s spite, but because of His Love.

Every intake from God goes back to Him in every outgoing breath in order to give power to the next intake because God is Good. Because God is Good, nothing made from God can hold its breath.

Biblical Adam’s only “sin” is the belief that God forced him from Knowledge of Paradise. Under the spell of the belief in separation from Paradise that the ego looks upon the body and casts, Adam’s daily life is spent trying to keep up with the demands of the spell.

But the “prodigal son” always returns to Paradise when he voluntarily stops his senses from vibrating and rests them in Source. And when he awakens from his voluntary rest, he is no longer Adam, homo barbarian lead by his senses, but Adam, Homo Spiritus, who Knows His Source and therefore manifests Paradise.

Life and death of bodies are but cyclic recordings of Mind- thoughts. Thoughts come and go — and life and death record their comings and their goings in electric bodies which appear, disappear and reappear forever” (Walter Russell).

Realizing that he cannot die, homo barbarian forgets his earthen senses and embraces his

Self as Cosmic Man.

The “Kingdom of Heaven” is “the Son of God”, not Adam’s body; one Is God’s Kingdom. This Knowledge cannot be veiled by the idea of a split from it by sense recordings of simulations, for the Kingdom remains whole, and unaffected by simulated ideas. The still fulcrum is not aware of the levers placed on it to manufacture motion by dividing its power.

Before his awakening, lead by his senses that but detect motion and cannot perceive Stillness, the Son wholly believes he is split from the Father’s Love, and so as he lives in the divide, he is at the mercy of his own belief.

Biblical Eve, the feminine counterpart in the story’s only “s(p)in” comes from the belief in separating from the Father’s Perfect Love as if to join with Adam in his illusion of separation and save him from his loneliness. But as Adam and Eve extend their own spun kingdoms of unreality neither of them, nor the selves they extend, are actually separated from Reality. Relief is always theirs, with the correction of the idea that God could possibly disconnect from His Own Idea. The Universal Self cannot possibly disconnect from its Fulcrum of Power.

In Reality, Adam and Eve and all of their descendants are but the Great Ray of One Source – they are One Idea. While the movie of separation from Paradise plays, the Father has forced no one from Reality; no one is forced from His Idea. Thinking that the body of s(p)in proves that one is disconnected from Source can make the idea of separation seem real, but it cannot make it actually real.

Thinking is electric, but electricity is not knowledge, it is but the motivating power for expressing knowledge” (Walter Russell).

What the mind thinks has no effect on one’s “standing” in Knowledge. Knowledge is unaware of the products expressed from and returned to it. The Son of God has no actual idea of “Adam and Eve” or of the belief in disconnection; His only actual Idea is Love. The idea of a “separated soul” disappears along with the impossible idea of a disconnected self. All illusions of form in motion dissolve in the Absolute; they never were.

When the belief in separation ends and the effects are radiantly dissolved, the unreality of s(p)in is fully Known and the motion that had been imagined to spin a body of particles around Perfect Equilibrium never was.

Every mind sheds the idea of guilt over s(p)in by recognition of the eternally Guiltless that is always Still.

Copyright©Darcie French 2017 All rights reserved