The Truth about Rest

Mind need not be “more conscious” or more polarized/concentrated/gravitated to be awakened. Mind needs to rest in Balanced Source to Know what it means to awaken.

Relax into the silent Truth wherein Knowledge arises without effort. Depolarization is universal recovery as polarization is universal activity. Both are dependent on the other. Mind is aligned with neither; Mind Knows only Balance. Allow the Mind to rest in its natural Balance.

When you are asleep, either from fatigue or from an anaesthetic, your body is no longer vibrant with wave motion. The waves ‘lie down to rest’ because they are depolarized. Wakefulness is a polarized condition…” (Walter Russell)

Bodies are put down “at night” (depolarized), and erected in “the morning” (polarized), and the purpose of sleep, or rest (depolarization in general), wherein one forgets the vibrations of the senses, is not really questioned.

What is the meaning of achieving quality rest or sleep to the believed-to-be disconnected from Source? Rest is Connection. Resting the senses is half of simulated balance.

Rest or depolarization of the senses is half of the equation for life and without it, one cannot achieve a sense of waking balance. Without rest, there is only the pure psychosis of the ego’s belief in disconnection from Source and its demands of the senses to uphold the belief.

Quality sleep is natural nonlinear self-realization. Truly restful sleep is natural dissociation from the ego’s unbalanced thought system to rest in God’s Perfect Balance. The desire to “sleep like a baby” is the desire to rest in God’s Love.

In utter relaxation one cannot dream, for all of the memory records which are stored in the brain have no motivating force behind them to set them in motion” (Walter Russell).

Be “newly born” and peacefully rejoice when the time to lay the body down in its depolarized state comes. Allow the Mind to wholly relax into naturally decentrating the sense of disconnection. Release all thoughts about the concept of separation and its apparently moving effects to the innate Stillness of Source.

The ability to sleep well correlates with the ability to let go of listening to the part of mind that seemingly splits from knowing how to rest. Quality rest is when the Mind is Still; there is no idea of a split from Stillness being observed.

The ego does not rest the body in its Source but moves it in accord with the senses only, either literally or figuratively, to keep Mind “asleep” and believing in the idea of a disconnect from Source. To rest in God is to ignore the ego, and allow Mind its Connection.

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