Transcending the spacetime illusion

“When you made visible what is not true, what is true became invisible to you.” ACIM

Perception of time and space is an illusion of consciousness of form that seems to take the Son of God away from the One Formless Awareness that is the Reality and Identity of God’s Creation. As individual or personal consciousness registers the space/time concept by testifying to its material or visible effects and identifying with them as their “subject”, Awareness of One Timeless, Formless in(di)visible Self as Eternal Love is unknown.

Think of the alarm clock going off while blissfully aware of being but not conscious of the body, and how abruptly the world of space and time arises seemingly from out of nowhere. The perceptual world arises as consciousness separates from Self-Awareness to identify with projected ideas. When the alarm clock was set, one essentially set forth an existing idea of a space/time continuum. Time was recognized/made manifest as the alarm went off and consciousness kicked back in; the previously projected idea perceived to ‘arrive’ at its destination in space. The space/time illusion seems to project the mind away from Awareness of eternal Source, and thereby always comes with the seeming loss of Eternity.

There is only one idea seed that birthed the entire spacetime concept; the seed that divided “Mother-Father” God into two: mother and father. Within the spacetime concept that divided Oneness once and then multiplies its divisions exponentially beyond calculation to provide the infinite appearance of “filling it back up”, the One Son of God has one father, and one mother – life within this trinity of perception does not stop and start; it is one arrangement growing from one seed. Past lives are but ideas of them; no mental stop frame picture of God’s One Son that extends for eternity can exist as an actual stop frame on creation’s extension. One cannot put a frame in or around an extension that only extends. Ideas sparked by desires in the Mind of God can only be projected into a picture frame for a time, and then dissolved back into the One Idea that is God’s Idea and is Heaven.  The subjective self is but an idea of a self that, like the time the alarm clock was set to go off, was set in the past and then brought to the future to act out an idealized script. The Son of God has no actual past apart from what he holds in mind as separate from Awareness and believes to be his reality – his ‘past’ is only what he ‘set his alarm clock for’- in order to make space and time continue to suit prior belief. As long as he believes he is separate and subject to endless lives, he will seem to be. In Reality, God’s Son is an eternal Creation that never leaves Undivided Mother-Father Source. He only “leaves” by an idea set in motion, by an identity within a dream.

To rest in Self (vs project away from It to look at space, time and the idea of responsibility for it), is to Rest in the Guiltlessness of the Absolute. The only “life” or “incarnation” is the one right now, the one that is believed to be a self away from Self, and registering perception of space and time to be the meaning given prior to it.

Being subject to”karma”, then, is but the idea of being subject to the artificial meaning or unreality given to everything that is held in Mind, and then viewed through the senses as if reality. Karma is the idea of guilty attachment or aversion to the ideas behind the content it perceives to make manifest. The enlightened realize one is not actually subject to the idea of guilt, karma, or past lives, because karma is just as unreal an idea as the idea of separation. The Son of God has no past and has not been cast from Heaven; in every nano-second there is either Heaven Known or the separation believed to be real. The ego would like to have one believe that the body proves the separation from Source to be real, and suggests that there may have been “past bodies”, and there may be “future bodies”, but at no point does a body separated from its Source exist “outside of” its Source. All past and future bodies are based in the one dream of this one body; to wake from the dream is to stop projecting a separate self within it and suffering through its subjectivities. The Son of God has no past; just before one opens one’s eyes to the alarm clock going off, there is only the Beginning, before the belief in spacetime. Every self in the dream is a projection within a projection. Everyone Knows Heaven; not everyone seems to remember.

Consider chocolate. It is held in mind as if loved – one may even set one’s alarm for it – but once consumed there is seeming evidence of guilt for substituting it for Awareness (weight gain is solidified guilt). Yet it was only an idea of a self that left Awareness and consumed chocolate, not the Son Himself. Therefore, eat all desired chocolate and look at its effects from a state of Guiltlessness, for neither the attraction to it, nor the aversion to the “karma” of eating it, are of Self’s Reality. Both attraction and aversion run out in due time. Attraction and aversion to spacetime runs out with the built-in end of the belief in separation from Heaven.

The idea of being subject to eternal karma for leaving Knowledge of Eternity is an offshoot of the idea of a separate self being subject to endless “lives”. And yet Heaven can be returned to now simply because it was never left. Everything Mind views through the body’s eyes is but a product of the belief in separation and the manifest guilt from belief in being subject to it taking one away from Self-Love; yet one is not actually subject to the karma of belief unless one believes the content perceived to be real in the first place. Eat chocolate knowing it doesn’t affect Reality, and it’s separated-self-described desire and karmic effects are dissolved.

“Belief is the worst that happens,” said Byron Katie; belief in time and space is but a passing idea that cannot and does not last (nightly it is dissolved, and the body is routinely left when the belief ends); for the self that believes in the subjective is unaware of Reality, and is only conscious of a dream. Everyone wakes up from the dream with the final miracle on the course of them that is called “life”. The final miracle is that the body passes away from awareness, and Life continues as it was in the Beginning, before the belief in spacetime. Everything consciousness dreams up is routinely dissolved in the Light of Love; belief is inevitably surrendered for Relief.

Can one honestly say that space and time are what one is aware of all the time?

Or would a more accurate statement be that one is only conscious of space and time, for a segment of Eternal Time?

Space and time do not exist as a function of Awareness of Oneness with God in Heaven that is Now. The space/time illusion is a function of consciousness, not Awareness – seemingly taking one away from Innate Knowledge of Absolute Love, but never actually doing so.

Rest the belief in the spacetime motion picture show in the natural Source Equilibrium that is the Birthright of the Son of God; rest in that which that is the Son’s through the Awareness of miracles that take one out of space and time back Home.