The Ray of Self

Without the idea of movement seemingly partitioning off “single rays of selves”, one is aware only of Being One Ray. One’s “Father”, one’s “brothers” – all anthropomorphic definitions of God are but the Great Ray of the Same Self – in Awareness they never were defined as separate rays. To the Knowledge of One Ray, definitions of “father” and “son” and “brother” never were.

The mind that splits from Knowing its Source believes itself to be enclosed in a boundary to its Source, thereby keeping one single ray “out” and separated from Knowing its Father/Brothers/Source.

But the whole Mind of the Father is still all of His Mind, and the part that is believed to be split off is still made only of all of It. To go beyond the split mind is to transcend the idea of being “a single entrapped Ray” to the realization that one is sharing God’s One Idea, or the Knowledge of Being the very extension of One Entire Ray.

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Therein lies the peace of God.” (ACIM)

With Self-Awareness one becomes enlightened of the insanity of feeling subject to the effects of the belief in disconnection from Source. One is no longer driven to prove the disconnection to be “real”, so one stops making the effects to prove it. One relaxes into the Knowledge that one has never left one’s Source, even while the movie, or the generalized effect of vibrations from Stillness, plays out.

The end of time comes gently as the last grain of sand leaves the hour glass and nothing “happens”, but Love continues.

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