The “never was” of the Absolute

What happens in spacetime stays in spacetime, and never forms a part of the Absolute. What is perceived by the senses is not Known by the Supreme. Only the Supreme is Known by the Supreme. Enfolded energy unfolds and then re-folds, emerges and disappears but to emerge and disappear again, as the Son of God works on building a Supreme Person in the Father’s likeness.

The spacetime parade goes on with or without one’s input or recognition. The movie plays as long as one keeps hitting the play button. It is paused when one hits pause. The movie is experienced as if real when one tunes the senses to it for the fulfillment of personal ideas, and it is released as being unreal by the innate Desire to rest the senses in Reality.

Perception of spacetime and the form it contains seems to take one away from Knowing Formless, Timeless Awareness, but only as long as investment in polarizing the senses to experience concentrated ideas lasts. As consciousness registers the spacetime concept by testifying to only the polarized or visible effects within it without Awareness of their depolarized counterparts, Knowledge of Timeless, Formless, Complete Self becomes as if unknown.

Imagine an alarm clock going off while blissfully in a state of Formless Awareness and how abruptly the world of space and time arises seemingly from out of nowhere. The perceptual world arises as one “separates” through the polarized senses from the Stillness of Awareness to identify with the consciousness of a separated-from-Reality, observable “from the inside-out” self. The universal self emerges as manifest by ingoing breath, and resolves back into the unmanifest with outgoing breath. Each breath serves the other, and could not exist if not for the other.

When the alarm clock is set and then one goes to sleep for the night, one essentially sets forth the idea to repolarize the senses in the morning. The energy to polarize comes from depolarization or breathing out that is sleep. By the intention, one breathes out the information to be breathed back in as manifest.

Via the ego’s thought system that picks up a straw and looks through it, polarized time is perceived to be more important than depolarized time. The next day is seen to be more important than the night before. Reality is falsely given to only the half of life when the senses are polarized, without including the other balancing half that provided the energy for the polarization. Daytime in general is given more importance than nighttime. “Life” is given more importance than “death”.

All simulations of Reality strive to simulate God’s One Idea that is perfectly balanced, and this is why night turns into day and vice versa. The ego manufactures guilt by identifying with only the desire that keeps one subjectively attached to the polarized senses and therefore engenders guilt over the need to depolarize. The ego is the part of mind that refuses to acknowledge the power and rest that comes from the depolarized half.

Polarization of the senses has a “shelf life” though – try as ego might, it can’t keep one from resting in Source. Try as ego might, it can’t keep one conscious of only one half of balance forever.

God’s nonlinear fulcrum of power that universal form rests upon is always just the Still field of Energy in Perfect Equilibrium needing neither polarization or depolarization. God’s Idea is Balanced. The Equilibrium of God’s Idea cannot be upset by any of the matter that is spun by the desire for sense polarization. To Rest in Self vs pay attention to the ego’s obsession with polarization is to Rest in the Guiltlessness of the Absolute that is the balanced power source of all activity.

The transcendent human of the coming Cosmic Age is he who has become fully aware of the illusion of matter and motion, and can thus unbind himself from the effects of matter and motion to dwell only in their SOURCE as co-Creator of the illusion, knowing it for what it is.” (Lao Russell)

Look at all effects of “the illusion of matter and motion” from the state of Guiltlessness, for neither the attraction to them, nor the aversion to them, are of Self’s Reality. Both attraction and aversion to all simulations run out in the name of resuming Perfect Equilibrium. In Reality, which by its Equilibrium is One Equal Self, the world of effects among unequal selves never was. The duality, or “love-hate” relationship between the polarized and depolarized senses is never part of Balanced Love.

The Self is not bound by anything; as matter resolves its polarities by the breath out, the breath in to concentrate matter never was. Everything the mind judges as acceptable or unacceptable through perception is not part of the Free State of Balanced Resolution.

Attention is naturally paid to the motion picture via the manifest experience of being subject to it; yet no one is actually subject to theatrics. The senses are routinely depolarized and the cinema is routinely surrendered.

Time is the memory of space”, or “spacememory” (Resonance Academy), that formally records all ideas that are vibrated from Stillness for observation. These observations happen through the vibrating senses of the polarized observer as he looks through a three dimensional, tangible event horizon.

Spacememory fluctuations are not a function of the ongoing Equilibrium of Source. The product of expanding upon an idea’s seed is a giant moving effect that is alive with the breath one breathes to the senses to perceive it. But when that which is observing the contents of a particular idea ceases to observe them, the moving particles that were expressed to be experienced return or refold back to the Still State they came from.

Spacememory is a function of identification with the consciousness of a seemingly separate, observable self, not a function of Awareness of the Still Self from which all selves appear. The ego harbours the belief that vibrations from Stillness prevent one from returning to it; but the return to Stillness occurs naturally. Everything returns to Stillness of its own accord when the mental provocation for movement ceases.

Let go of the idea that divided electrical impulses impact Source Equilibrium and allow guilt over attachment to polarized form and resistance to depolarization to resolve back into the Guiltlessness of the Absolute. Identify only with the ever present Still Oneness that Sources the power one leverages to produce all moving effects.