The motion picture show

The human race is transforming from Homo barbarian, lead by his polarized senses and terrified of the other half of life, to Homo Spiritus, lead by Love and Aware that he cannot die.

Thought is eternal and all thought patterns are recorded, both positively and negatively. The human race will some day unfold its range of perception to include that which has disappeared with that which now is.” (Lao Russell)

What is this ongoing motion picture show of recorded thought patterns that appears and disappears from seemingly empty space?

Humanity is unfolding its range of senses to include that of Self-Awareness. Cosmic Man will transcend all his barriers to Knowledge by the inclusion of the other half of balance. None of what the ego says about being separated from Paradise is true.

The Son will come to understand how creation works, and willingly work with His Father to create the Supreme Person. Having left the ego and its hellish nightmare behind, the world of Cosmic Man cannot be anything but a simulation of Heaven.

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