Spiritualized Reality Therapy

Darcie French, BSW, Spiritualized Reality Therapy Founder

Would you be hostage to ego, the part of mind that believes the body proves separation from God, or Host to God, Who never left and Only Loves?

You are Host to God and share His Will as His Beloved Son; and yet, you believe you have left God and are therefore subject to the effects of that belief system. If you knew that you have not left God, and that the effects of the belief do not prove the separation as the ego thought system tries to tell you, you could never be unhappy.

The ego and its illusions of a wrathful God literally do not exist in God’s Will and they are dissolved by Self-Realization. Self Realization is to realize that one is God’s Son, and the body of a seemingly separate self proves nothing that the ego says that it does.

The state of Oneness teaches all that one needs/wants to Know. The One Desire of God’s Son is to Know Oneness with the Father. All other desires are born from the desire to simulate this Knowledge.

The ego says, “God could be full of wrath when he notices your other desires are not the One” and this takes one on a needless course away from Knowing God’s Love. God is only Love, and notices none of the desires expressed by the Son whom He gave free will.

Spiritualized reality therapy was coined in 2015 after a couple of friends I met online asked me to be their spiritual teacher and I began to consider how to combine Self-Realization and my skills and qualifications in social work in order to offer a paid-for service as a life coach. The intention for spiritualized reality therapy in the near future is to support the desire to Know Oneness through one on one and group therapy sessions online.

Stay tuned for how spiritualized reality therapy will be offered.

Copyright©Darcie French 2017 All rights reserved








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