Self-Awareness and self-consciousness

Walter Russell sums up what I innately Knew as a child and wholly Remembered in the state in the fire about the body’s unreality, “Creation is a wonderful and glorious vision but it has no more reality than the cinema you see in the theatre. That cinema consists of motion only — light in motion. Stop the motion and the motion picture would instantly cease.”

Self-consciousness is believing creation to be real, Self-Awareness is realizing it is a motion picture show that has nothing to do with the Self.

The illuminated mind, while still conscious of life within an event horizon that appears to be moving through space and time, is focused on the timeless, formless, non-moving universal equilibrium or the “zero point of stillness” (Walter Russell). The focus moves from self-consciousness of the unrealities of the senses to Self-Awareness of Reality.

The “how to enter a black hole” problem is resolved by releasing the idea of literally moving forward through an event horizon to “get” to it, to instead mentally go within.

The motion picture show playing on the surface of the event horizon is written, directed, played and paused mentally. The contents surrounding the black hole to make its black body visible come from within it.

The famous question, “to be, or not to be” is actually about whether or not to be balanced as one already is in Source. Perfect black bodies in the heavens are perfectly balanced. All material spinning around them is made by the illusion of movement, or projected lack of balance. The motion picture show of unrealities is playing to simulate balance.

The only reason that matter moves is because it is out of balance with its equilibrium and must find its lost balance in the universal equilibrium where it can find rest. When thus moving it expresses the energy of its Source but the energy thus manifested is in the Source–and not in motion.” (Walter Russell)

The mind that looks only at the picture through a self-acquired moving straw is as if split from knowing the Quality of Balance. It believes that events produced by mentally “vibrating” the Stillness to manufacture the illusion of a motion picture represent Reality vs provide simulated examples of it.

The moving effects of mental vibrations seem very real to the makers of them, yet nothing is moving in Source. The body appears from Source and the senses are noticed when one presses “play”, but the return of the body to rest in Source is not noticed because the senses that note movement also rest in Source. “Pause” has been pressed to depolarize the senses.

Source is always the Quality of Balanced Stillness that is Known vs sensed as divided energies striving for balance; birth of the senses is noticed, but death of them is unnoticed. The senses are concentrated or birthed every morning, and then decentrated or deathed every night. Everything in motion is doing so to find balance and simulate equilibrium. Without nightly death, the next day’s birth is not possible.

Consciousness focused on movement obviously cannot perceive that movement comes from Reality that is Still. Sense-driven consciousness observes the effects of the belief in a subjective self that is experienced as if it is moving about through different life events, guided by imperfect sensing, and separated from Awareness of the Perfect Stillness that Sources power for all creative movement.

Thankfully, one isn’t always conscious of an event horizon moving through spacetime; if that were the case it would be like being on an amusement park ride all the time. The body would be experienced as a kaleidescope of dizzying unbalanced forces 24/7. The other balanced side of life” happens cyclically, but one does not necessarily notice this fact while one is only giving attention to the polarized view through the straw.

Sleep at night is the naturally occurring state of the concentrated senses being “decentrated” or “depolarized” to the zero point of stillness, and waking in the morning is the naturally occurring state of the re-polarized senses. Without depolarization, the senses cannot be repolarized.

When one sleeps or deeply meditates, one forgets the infinite complexity of the divided cosmos and is at rest in the Stillness of Undivided Source. Infinite complexity based on the idea of simulating balance through opposing motion does not “compute” to the Simplicity of Stillness. God’s One simple Idea is Still just that. God’s One Idea is the only Reality in the universe, and all special effects from manufactured ideas come to rest in it.

Awareness of Reality is of the Formless domain of “Heaven” or “Oneness with God”, and self-consciousness is of the domain of the believed-to-be-split-from-Oneness and divided by a body-boundary implicated mind that testifies to the sensual interpretation of mental effects. “The ego”, or the part of mind that identifies with the subjectivity of unbalanced movement through spacetime as being one’s “reality” dictates the course away from Knowing the Perfect Balance of Reality at Source. Knowledge of Perfect Equilibrium dictates the return course. Reality is Absolute Balance, and all divided energies can but strive to replicate it. As they do they void each other by their simulation.

Reality is Awareness of Self’s Perfect Equilibrium, and self-consciousness provides the means to observe/experience/release the illusion of a vibration of Balance causing unbalanced motion.

Reality is only Quality and so can only be Known. Reality is only the Quality of Perfect Equilibrium that cannot be observed or experienced as otherwise. Perfect Equilibrium never varies in Quality, while the senses are always variegating Quality by the interpretations of quantum packets of energy that provide the medium for the perception of “otherwise”.

The Quality of Reality is Constant Changelessness, while consciousness of a separate, observable self is constantly changing, constantly fluctuating. Self-consciousness perceives the concentrated fluctuations from Perfect Equilibrium as a tangible motion picture, but is unaware of their decentrated return to Stillness. Awareness Knows that whether in its concentrated or decentrated form, nothing ever leaves one’s balanced Source; all that is perceived to leave is by the illusion of movement only.

Self-Awareness is Knowledge of perfect balance, and needs no testimony from the simulation of balance. The “Isness” of Awareness will always Be the Stillness that does not vary from what it Is. Consciousness of a separate self seems to prove degrees of movement “away” from, or “outside of” Awareness of what Is, and yet the Stillness of Reality is unaffected by all other ideas. God’s only Idea is Love. The Source of only Love can’t “compute” other ideas.

Packets of expressed energy, or universal forms that come and go from Awareness are believed to form one’s Reality vs to be Sourced by it. When perception ceases and the Stillness of God’s One Idea is Realized, levels of consciousness have ceased and all of the form necessary to demonstrate their illusory existence ceases along with them.

To live is to polarize idea. To die is to depolarize it.” (Walter Russell)

Levels divided from Oneness are polarized from it, and then depolarized back into it.

The separation that self-consciousness seems to present by its generalized association with only polarized form is not present in the Oneness of Reality, but manufactured by perception of the illusion of movement. Perception is really just unbalanced Knowledge. The unbalanced perception of separation from Source routinely dissolves back into the Perfect Equilibrium from which it came. Polarized idea in motion may seen to be real, yet the formless Reality of Still Source remains ever in Perfect Equilibrium, unchanged by the idea-based, unbalanced movement instigated by a mental vibration from Stillness.


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