Rick Simpson Phoenix Tears

Only the ego believes the mind should be limited by a body, or that it should be made to suffer. Suffering is not God-ordained. The Son of God is Guiltless. The Son of God is not a body of s(p)in and gravity, but an extension of Perfect Love.

The ego is very seductive. The lure of fearing perfect Love seems very real to the mind that has invested in sensual unrealities. The ego hates anything that is good for God’s Son. The part of the mind that says you must suffer for any reason is incorrect, and in its absence is always the answer to the end of that particular instance of not Knowing perfect Love.

Surrender the ego’s belief system that the nervous system need be subject to degrees of torture. Accept all and any measures of spiritualized reality therapy to relieve suffering as the opportunities arise. The opportunity is always arising in some form or another to meet with the ego’s idea of otherwise and to cancel it out. This is the Holy Spirit’s happy dream, which cancels the ego’s nightmare.

I have accepted the cannabis plant as part of the Holy Spirit’s happy dream since I was eleven years old. I have smoked it and eaten it fresh and made oil from the flowers of the marijuana plant and alleviated the physical symptoms of fibromyalgia and bipolar depression. Using marijuana essentially relieves a negative mind-set of its limitations for a time, and many physical improvements are seen within the context of that change.

Nothing will ever cure death; only the symptoms of dying can be relieved. If there is fear of dying, those symptoms can be relieved by all the Holy Spirit has to offer.

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