Rick Simpson Oil Phoenix Tears

The part of Mind that says one must suffer for any reason is incorrect, and in the absence of suffering is always the answer to the end of that particular instance of not Knowing perfect Love. There is only Love, and more Love, to Know.

Surrender the ego’s belief system that the nervous system need be subject to degrees of torture. Accept all measures to relieve suffering as the opportunities arise. The opportunity is always arising in some form or another to meet with the ego’s idea of otherwise and to cancel it out. This is the Holy Spirit’s happy dream, which cancels the ego’s nightmare.

I have been using fresh cannabis and the Rick Simpson (RSO) oil in small dosages for a couple of years now. I was a smoker of both marijuana and tobacco for years; they were my substitutions for love. Currently I am taking the cancer dose made with high THC marijuana to “clean out my ash tray“.

Check out Rick Simpson’s story about his use of the oil he calls Phoenix Tears and (and how to make it).