Resonance Science Academy

I joined the Resonance Academy of the Resonance Science Foundation in the winter of 2016 and I was truly excited to be part of this scientific and spiritual community brought together by Nassim Haramein through his work in unified physics. I did their course modules and loved them. I had begun writing my book:  Without the idea of death: There is only Life a few months before discovering the academy, and was very interested in writing about the metaphysics that quantify the qualities revealed in the illuminated state that I discuss in my book.

During a discussion session among delegates of the academy, another delegate mentioned the work of Walter and Lao Russell. I was immediately attracted to their work and temporarily departed from the Resonance Academy to then spend about a year and a half reading the 12 part home study course on Universal Law, Natural Science and Philosophy, The Universal One, Genero-Radiative Concept, The Message of the Divine Iliad, The Secret of Light, The New Concept, The Fifth Kingdom Man, Atomic Suicide? and more. The works of Walter and Lao Russell resonated very strongly in delineating the knowledge revealed in the State in the Fire (Light) that spontaneously occurred in late October of 2009, and which I write about in my book. For that reason, I reference Walter Russell in my book and on this blog and I provide links to his free downloads from the Abundant Hope website as well.

In July of 2018 my book was completed and I felt strongly compelled to rejoin the Resonance Academy. Ultimately, I wanted to connect with others who understood the works of Walter Russell. I posted this question on their community forum and was answered by a fellow named Robert Grant, who is a faculty member of the Resonance Science Foundation and who teaches the newly added elective courses Entymology of Number and The Language of Light. Robert Grant is very familiar with the Russell Cosmogeny and his courses at the RSF expand mathematically on the metaphysics of Light originally taught by Walter Russell.

Click on the image below to join me in being a delegate at the Resonance Academy, and in meeting like-minded folks who include in their teachings the works of Walter Russell and other geniuses and mystics.