Recognize God’s Play

One is forever joined in Source and therefore one is everything that comes from Source; yet one’s actual Identity is only in Source, not in the embodiment of ideas. The actor in the play knows he is acting.

One is the Son of God and everything that is in God’s Cosmic Play; yet the Son of God cannot be represented “in form” as He Is in Heaven. There can only be the attempt to simulate the idea of Self as a Supreme Person.

One reads this page as part of God’s Cosmic Play; not as part of Reality as God created, which is Heaven. This post does not have “Supreme Personality”; the Supreme is Identity, not embodiment. An example of the Supreme is not Supreme; but a reflection of it. A simulation of Heaven is not Heaven, but a reflection, or the heavenly.

Everything is perceptually in movement in order to simulate the Balance of existing Union/Identity when it comes to rest. The stage of God’s play is made up of electric light wave mirrors, that perceptually tell whatever story one desires, as one looks into them.