Manifesting the glorious

In the high heavens of imagination are the divine sparks of idea combined and Devanagari scripts written, and in the great galaxies of God’s Cosmic Play are they acted out. On Earth there is the story of life and death being told: a great tale of loss and love, fear and release from fear. Everyone is on a course in miracles, the final one dismissing the dream of death and bringing Heaven fully back to Awareness for good.

Every divine spark that bursts forth from the Still Reality of the Kingdom of Heaven blossoms in a glorious flaming climax and settles back into its Source. This process of thinking ideas into being is like an infinite nonlinear orgasm of the Mind and it is only blocked by the ego that says one “doesn’t deserve” extending such exquisiteness. One thinks when listening to the ego, “I can’t really be on Earth just to learn this miracle of creation, can I??” Yet one does deserve everything the high heavens of imagination offer and everything Oneness with God is. God’s divine sparks cannot be stopped from erupting into a kaleidoscope of His glory.

God’s Cosmic Play is a glorious simulation of the Supreme of Heaven. The infinitesimally small ashes of divine orgasm that float peacefully into space post-cosmic-love-explosion each contain all the information needed to start a brand new universe, just like the last. Nothing ever leaves its Source.

The Son of God is never separated from his Source, and he Knows he is One with His Father when he creates with love. When the divine spark of love within bursts into flame and he “goes forth and multiplies” it fearlessly, the Son is expressing his Knowledge of abundance, and he can do nothing but manifest the glorious.