Letting go … of what?

The term “letting go” is used frequently in spiritual circles. So is the term “embracing the Divinity of Allness”. How may one be kind in the world of appearances, yet non-attached and able to let go, innately unaffected by the duality of it? How may the two terms be practically joined, and one may “Be Love”?

One may specifically ask, “what is “it” that is “let go of” while “in an embrace with divinity”?

The “it” that is let go of is what, in Reality, was never set in motion. To Be Love is to Know God’s Idea and to live in a state of Perfect Equilibrium wherein the idea of a kind of love that can die never was. To Be Love is to work with the Balanced Power of God vs juggle the unbalanced ideas of ego.

There are no levels to Reality or Oneness as ego would have one believe. Levels are an aspect of labeling observed effects.

It is commonly promoted among spiritual circles to seek for “the high vibrations of spirit” or “spiritual effects or siddhis”, and yet Spirit is Still and Stillness is all that is ever sought for in a world of motion. Knowledge of eternal Self-Equilibrium is the holy grail.

In the Absolute State there is no need for active embrace or interchange between two opposing yet voiding forces because there are no two opposing yet voiding forces in Oneness. There are no two ideas within the One Love that is God’s only Idea.

Ideas cancel themselves out (they die) to a void condition in order to simulate the balance of God’s Idea. Self Knowledge is whole and complete; consciousness of thought being energetically set in motion and then voided by its opposing thought to balance it back to Stillness never was.

In the Absolute state what is thought to need letting go of is not present; something to “let go of” has never come into being.

And yet voidness as it is perceived is not a Quality of the Absolute; everythingness is the Quality of the Absolute.

One doesn’t mentally void the hug as it happens, one “swoons” in the middle of a loving embrace, and thoughts of coming together or moving apart never were – all there is the everythingness of the swoon. Thoughts of getting together or pulling apart do not exist as part of the swoon. With the realizing of what never was one notices only the Isness of Still Love. One absolutely notices only being perfectly situated in the zero point of Stillness – Perfectly Balanced, One with Source.

In the swoon of deep sleep, during voluntary surrender of the idea of movement (ie during meditation/release/surrender/getting in “the zone”/hugging etc) the senses of a separate, subjective self moving towards or away from Love are wholly and completely forgotten. The concentrated idea of a body to sense with is decentrated by the nonlinear vacuum of radiative “empty” space that allowed its concentration.

Concentration is an effect of gathering a very large volume of rarified matter like gases, or light rays which you cannot see into a small volume which compresses it into solid matter or focal point of light which you can see” (Walter Russell).

As form is decentrated from the focal points of perception back to where all perceptual laws cease to operate, the unfolded formation of its enfolded idea literally “never was”. Universal form is breathed out, and then in, out and then in for eternity; the ingoing breath is the concentration of light rays to form energetic bodies, the outgoing breath their dissolution and the return of space to its energetic equilibrium.

Concentration builds formed bodies by contraction, while decentration dissolves them.” (Walter Russell)

The act of letting go, therefore, is the act of voluntarily mentally releasing all concentrated ideas to the Absolute for their natural decentration or dissolution. To be “decentrated” while the senses appear concentrated is to swoon in the Perfect Equilibrium of Source.

To undo the belief in movement proving separation from Reality, one may rest the doer” and go within by whatever manner seems in alignment with natural decentration. Self-Knowledge is revealed in the decentrated state, and can be expressed if so desired in the concentrated state. By the release of the idea of separation from Source through whatever practice (meditation, sports zone, arts, hugs etc), one, by degrees or all at once, realizes the Truth of what the idea is put to rest in. By the release of the belief in the unrealities of motion, one gets to know what the Stillness of Reality is.

The One Desire is to Know God’s Idea. This Knowledge is literally resurrected by letting go of thoughts of movement away from what is already satisfying all desire by supplying the power for it. Duality is released for the peace of Knowing the One Desire of being eternally Satisfied.

Swoon into Oneness no matter what ideas of movement may have been vibrated into effect. The divisions or levels of consciousness producing effects to simulate satisfaction of the One Desire can all be mentally surrendered to rest in it’s natural fulfillment.

Life and death is polarization and depolarization of the senses. Attachment to the thoughts about a polarized self away from or apart from Self-Awareness can only seem to seed what never was in the Self’s Reality, for a time. All ideas become depolarized out of Desire to rest them in God’s Idea.

The illusion of movement dies back into Stillness because nothing can be made to move apart from it forever. This world dies from view nightly because its day can’t be made to last without a night’s refreshment. Of the Absolute State, which is forever, the day that needs refreshing by its dissolution never was. All ideas die back into One Idea.

One can therefore literally let go of keeping up with moving content and rest instead in nonlinear Stillness. Everything that seems apart from Stillness is innately Self-Willed to return to it.

Swoon Into Oneness