Last doorway to Heaven

There is no reaching in God’s Kingdom; there is only Rest. God’s Love has no purpose; it just Is. Divine sparks have purpose – to blossom and then die back into their original spark, at rest in the Mind of God, to rest in God’s Love.

To invent a reason to reach is to invent a purpose, to design a need to be fulfilled, and fulfill it. For example, biblical Eve is a response to the perceived need of biblical Adam. From his own flesh was Eve conceived in order to take the “cast-out” part of Adam in, and thereby cure him of the loneliness that stems from the perception of being cast from Heaven.

The body is the ideal framework for the development of abilities that seem to bring one back to Knowledge of Heaven. In particular, the body is developed to attract a mate with which to simulate Oneness with Mother-Father God. The first half of life is spent developing the sex-divided framework to its maximum capacity in order to attract its counterpart. By age 45 or so, Adam and Eve still of course seem to be divided from Source by perception, but by resting in togetherness vs the seekingness for the latter half of their lives, their union simulates the condition of Oneness.

Both Adam and Eve return to the pre-separation state. The body peaks in middle age and then declines as the simulation of Oneness ultimately loses its appeal. In the “golden years” of life, life is golden because many nonlinear resolutions come to be. One becomes enlightened with age, either by degrees, or all at once. Everyone is on this required course in miracles.

There is no reaching necessary on this course. There is only resting in the miracles along the way, and the final rest in the final miracle that is the last doorway to Heaven.