Jesus & the Holy Spirit

While miracles are made of thought just like fear is made of thought, miracle thoughts produce drastically better effects than fearful ones.

Miracle thoughts take one out of space and time in the sense that they do not occur on ego’s course away from Love, but on the seeming return to it. The radiance of the Holy Spirit Within “shines” (in a nonlinear sense, devoid of perception) through the dark thought of disconnection, and Connects.

Jesus Knew of his Connection with the Father and therefore he Knew not to be threatened by the ego’s idea of disconnection.

The ego’s course away from Love was to attack Jesus’ body in order to try and prove the idea of separation to be real; yet Jesus never died, for he Knew he was never born into separation. What Jesus Knew is not what the general population believes.

From the world of bodies, made by insanity, insane messages seemed to be returned to the mind that made it. And these messages bear witness to this world, pronouncing it as true. For you sent forth these messengers to bring this back to you. Everything these messages relay to you is quite external. There are no messages that speak of what is underneath, for it is not the body that could speak of this. Its eyes perceive it not; its senses remain quite unaware of it; its tongue cannot relay its messages. Yet God can bring you there, if you are willing to follow the Holy Spirit through seeming terror, trusting Him not to abandon you and leave you there. For it is not His purpose to frighten you, but only yours” (ACIM).

Bring all that seems darkened by the ego to the Holy Spirit, to be shined away in Love. And hesitate not to summon Jesus in his familiar form. Jesus will stand at Heaven’s Gate in perfect faith with all who call on him, while the idea of separation from the Father is viewed to be nothing but a nightmare, and together in Love, is dismissed.

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