I am not a body, I am free

“I am not a body, I am free. I am still as God created me.” ACIM

The above quote from ACIM is often looked over and/or misinterpreted by teachers of the course. Yes, the body appears in God’s Cosmic Play, but One is not the body, One is Creator of it. Teachers of God teach not of the body acting in the play, but of its Unlimited Creator.

The body is an idea in the Mind of God. God’s Still Light extends through thought by two moving lights that seem to form a mirror image of the idea. The two moving lights are my projector; they reflect the moving ideas on a screen of consciousness for my observation. I am not this mirror image of ideas, but the Thinker of them. I am not the two moving lights extended to provide the power of observation, but that which extends that Light.

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