On dying

Mind will script whatever is held in it to life, and the idea will complete to rest again in the Absolute.

Ideas of what it might be like to die come to rest back in the Absolute; and death never was.

The mystics say that death is not experienced – that the body had been perceived to lay dying, but its dyingness didn’t compute in the Absolute.

All bodies go back to the dust they came from; all form is absolutely dispersed. Yet the universal form goes nowhere but back to the Stillness it came from. The body of God is forever in the Mind of God as the Supreme Person. One can work on manifesting a simulation of the Supreme Person, or one may rest in the Supreme Stillness.

Every body will be dispersed as the idea for it completes and Mind returns to its resting point. From this resting point, Mind may resurrect the body idea if so desired.

To deal with dying, realize that when “the worst” happens, nothing happens and the Absolute Continues.

Fear is related to the pain and suffering that is believed to come with dying. Fear is the fight or flight response that cancels God’s endorphins.

Fear is not part of the Absolute state, and it dies back into it. Fear dissolves in a rush of Balanced Love.

When the body seems overwhelmed by ideas of sickness and death completing, be pragmatic about tending to it with the aim of relieving symptoms until the symptoms disappear. One flash of the Absolute erases all ideas of death and dying; they never were. Every step of the way, take what is offered to ease the symptoms of pain and suffering and relax into each and every bit of it. Sleep is one such offering. Each offering for relief is a gift from God on the way to wholly realizing that the dreams of death and dying never were.

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