Heaven’s Gate

What is Heaven, and what is the idea of Heaven?

Heaven” is Knowledge of Oneness with God, and “the heavenly” are expressed ideas of Knowledge.

Self-Realized, the Mind does not confuse Knowledge with expressions of it. In the Absolute State, in the “Kingdom of Heaven” the mind-body and its seeking of sense fulfillment is totally forgotten; Mind is Fulfilled. It is not that the body becomes “invisible” as in “it is there but right now I can’t perceive it”, it is that in Reality, the body-boundary never was.

When mind perceives and describes “the heavenly” it is by the recognition that all form is ultimately transparent in the Light of Love. The more transparent or “lit from within” form appears to be, the closer it seems to be to the “never was” of Heaven’s Identity.

There is nothing outside of Knowledge that can actually be Heaven. The Oneness of Heaven’s Mantle cannot be dismantled or divided into heavenly parts. While celestial ideas are seemingly more transparent and therefore apparently less of a seeming boundary to Knowledge, they are still conceptions pertaining to the thought of dividing Oneness.

Heaven is Knowing Absolute Quality without quantification. There are no gradations of light and dark in Heaven. Heaven is Spirit’s only Knowledge, and Spirit has no gradations of Knowledge.

Forms from Earth are never actually brought to Heaven as “imaginative cultist thinkers” (Walter Russell) might suggest, though they are mixed on Earth with the idea of Heaven.

In Heaven, One’s Identity is Known to be One with God’s. One does not mix with “separate” formed identities in Heaven; the imaginative belief in separation by the wearing of outer garments has dissolved.

What is of Heaven is only ever One Quality, with no quantity.

While the belief in duality is operational, one may be conscious of bodies from the seemingly “invisible” to the seemingly “solid”. Celestial realms with transparent or angelic bodies “guiding the way” are often experienced as Mind projects the idea of the heavenly.

Celestial forms come from Mind projecting ideas of Heaven. The miraculous comes from Mind that has grown weary of dreaming of death, and is instead using spacetime to “collect” the experiences of a celestial self. Celestial forms seem as though “divinely lit up” from within, and therefore as if they are “from” Heaven.

The idea of Heaven is directly counter to the idea of hell, and it produces heavenly effects that cancel out the hellish. As perception is gently corrected, where once there seemed to be only ideas of hell, ideas of Heaven become common place. At Heaven’s Gate there is the experience of the heavenly, and so one relaxes back into Oneness unafraid, and guided by self-made examples of Love.

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